Vendor Bites

Ever since I started this blog, I have been following and reading other BTB blogs just to have an idea of what BTBs usually blog about. Maklumlah, it’s my first time having a BTB blog (lol) so I noob sikit. Anyway, it’s been really fun and entertaining reading all the other ladies’ blogs about their wedding preparations, marriage preparations and how life changes after their engagement; the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s all part and parcel of the journey. I can totally relate to most stories. So excited for all you girls! I even read the Malay/Muslim Weddings forum thread on Cozycot hahaha. Ok, so after reading so many wedding stories, I think it’s time for me to start writing about my own wedding lah eh.


Surveys for the vendors started late last year. But when the wedding date has been set and we realized we only have one year to the wedding, we kelam-kabut had to book the major vendors soon since dates are filling up fast. To be honest, I think we did not have sufficient time to do thorough surveys. But everything turned out fine anyway, for now.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we wanted to keep the wedding as simple (and cheap) and as easy as possible. Afterall, a wedding is just a weekend event and most people just forget about it when it’s over. So we set low budgets and tried to have as low expectations as possible, without compromising on the quality and trustworthiness of our wedding vendors. So we visited expo wedding exhibitions a few times and made appointments with various shortlisted wedding vendors.

We are having a 2-day event. Eventually, H took up an all-in-one package from LAB Bridal Couture, and I took up the catering and decor package, also from LAB Bridal Couture. This has quite a funny story behind it. LAB was not in our shortlisted vendors at all. H and I actually had a brief history with LAB Bridal. Well, we rented our Bollywood outfits for our JC Prom Night from LAB Bridal back in 2009! Because the theme was ‘Hollywood Bollywood’. I would post a photo of us in the outfits, but I wasn’t wearing a hijab, so…. haram hahahaha.

We were walking around the expo wedding exhibition in February for the final time, because we decided that we were not going to make any more appointments or attend any more wedding exhibitions after that since it was already quite late to book vendors. We wanted to make decisions on that day and book vendors already. And that was when we stumbled into LAB Bridal Couture. Kak Lynn, the boss, attended to us. She was the same person who attended to us when we rented our prom outfits 7 years ago too. And funny enough, she said we looked familiar. So of course, we reminded her that we rented outfits from her before. She went through all the packages with us. They were within our budget and look attractive too. On the spot, H was sold. I was quite impressed too. So we went home, told our parents about it, and came back the next day for food tasting and to place deposits! Funny how we came back one full circle eh.

H’s all-in-one package by LAB Bridal Couture:

  • Venue and decor: Orange Ballroom
  • Catering: LAB Bridal Couture
  • Bridal: LAB Bridal Couture
  • Photography & Videography: HD Studios
  • Fresh flowers bridal bouquet
  • DJ service
  • Wedding cake
  • Sirih junjung
  • Gift trays
  • Bunga rampai
  • Wedding favors
  • Bridal urut
  • Bridal henna
  • Bridal car

Lucky for H, his wedding stuff are almost all settled except for maybe invitations cards, and kompang, which we are probably going to skip. These are my vendors.

Catering and decor: LAB Bridal Couture.

Venue: Masjid Al-Taqua.

Entertainment: DJ Inspirasi. Chosen by mum, because she likes the fact that DJ is an Ustaz. It will make our majlis more sopan, beradab and spiritual like that. Obviously, no karaoke. Hurray!

Bridal henna: Fauzellah’s Artistry. Even though H’s package already covers bridal henna, I booked Fauzellah because as a (freelance) henna artist myself, bridal henna is the one thing that I want to splurge on. The bridal henna offered by LAB will be done by their in-house henna artist. For that, I might get her to do a henna party for my mum, sister and probably my bridesmaids/cousins instead.

Wedding favors: We are surveying for sejadah and something edible to go along with it.

Invitation cards: Shortlisted Forever Printz and TheKad.SG because they can do customised designs at affordable prices. Just waiting for the right time to decide and book them!

Sirih dara and bunga rampai: Mum’s friend

Gift trays: Aunt’s help

Bridal Bouquet: LAB Bridal (from H’s package). I don’t know if I should get a second bridal bouquet or not, since I’m not sure if the fresh flower bouquet offered by LAB can last 2 days and still look fresh?

Not sure what else I missed. So yup, we still have time to source for the remaining vendors and that’s why we are in the lull period where we don’t know what to do. Marriage preparation course also will be put off until H starts working. For now, we are just researching on what kinds of outfits we want to wear. And thinking about (whether to have) bridesmaids/groomsmen. I guess we will only get busy after raya onwards. Feel free to give suggestions on anything or everything!

We are now less than 300 days away yay!


3 thoughts on “Vendor Bites”

  1. A few years ago, a good friend of my fiancè took up the all-in-1 package with L.A.B as well. Long story short, the couple didnt have a good experience with the company. I can’t rmber the details but i can ask my fiancè if u want. But dont freak out! It could be an isolated event.. i hope yr planning goes smoothly!


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