Marriage Bites #1: What do you look forward to the most in marriage?

Each time I think about something that I can’t wait to do with my future husband after marriage, the first thing that comes to mind is travelling! Sometimes when I scroll through my emails and I see groupon travel deals, or Tiger Air’s Thursday flash sales or Jetstar Friday Frenzy sales, I start dreaming and wanting to plan for my next holiday. And thinking about who to go with can be quite a headache since not everyone can travel as freely as you. Of course, the first person that comes to mind will be none other than my best friend, or my other half. But cannot travel together yet before marriage, so must wait. So wait, we shall!


Besides travelling, I guess I just look forward to living life together with my partner. All the little and simple things like grocery shopping, managing household chores together, solat together, exploring new places together etc.

Some of these tasks, we can do them on our own without each other, but we choose to do them together after marriage anyway. And some of these chores, we have already been doing them together (like grocery shopping), but we still look forward to do them together as husband and wife in future anyway.

Because I feel that when we choose to marry each other, we are choosing to embark in this crazy journey of life (and afterlife) together and so we have to accept each other wholly. Doing some of these things together may seem brainless, but it will help to always keep each other engaged in every aspect of our lives and to remind us that we chose this person, so we need to just live with it, whether we like it or not. This way, we have no choice but to accept each and every one of our strengths and weaknesses, good and bad traits and habits.

No one is perfect and we all have flaws that may really irk our life partner. But when we get irritated by each other through doing simple chores together, it will hopefully make us more empathetic of each other and teach us to be patient individuals.

I often hear from married couples that one of the biggest culture shock at the beginning of marriage life is the fact that your partner will be there, living with you 24/7. And it’s a shock because you used to live life on your own terms, but now everything must revolve around your partner.

So I don’t know, maybe whatever I have just said earlier about looking forward to living life with my partner might sound like “bebual world” or “macam paham” to some married couples since I haven’t reach that phase yet. But I just hope to embrace it when it comes, y’know?


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