I cringe every time people give wishes or make love declarations that lack a long-term time frame.

“I love you to death.”

You mean when you’re dead and resurrected and reunited in heaven, you won’t love him/her anymore?

“Semoga mahligai dibina kekal hingga akhir hayat.”

Eh hello, husband and wife can be reunited in heaven, you know. Can you not make dua for my jodoh to be until death only. We want to last forever and ever till jannah.

“Semoga jodoh berpanjangan sampai di jinjang pelamin / ke anak cucu.”

Worse still, so bila dah turun pelamin, dah takde jodoh?! Or, jodoh sampai ada cucu aje?! Not even until cicit or after that?

Maybe I am just ngada-ngada. Maybe I am just someone who is usually careful with words and very particular about people’s choice of words when they speak. Maybe these people don’t really mean it that way when they make such wishes or declarations.

But whatever you utter, is a dua that people can ‘amin‘ to.

End of rant.


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