Wedding Bites: DIY Projects

Unfortunately, I consider myself to be one of the most uncreative girls in the world. Yes, I may be a henna artist, and people usually automatically assume that I can design anything and everything just because I can do henna.

“Wah your henna so nice. You must be really good at art.”

“We have a henna artist here. I’m sure she can help us design our poster/flyer.”

“Did you design your logo/name card yourself?” “Nope.” “Oh.”

News flash: I never passed art in school and I cannot design for nuts. I have gotten used to people’s shocked reaction every time I tell them this. So yup.

I really envy girls who have very creative hands, though. A lot of my aunts and friends are really good at DIY-ing all sorts of stuff, be it floral arrangements, gubahan trays, drawing, designing, crafts and whatnots. I can do none of those. I would love to try, but I know I would suck at it.

Reading about other BTBs getting all excited to get started on their DIY projects makes me excited too. It must feel satisfying to be able to actually do something for your wedding rather than engaging vendors to do everything for you. Some people can design their own invitation cards, decorate their own gift trays, make their own guest book, or even some kind of floral decorative items as a centre piece for the guest tables. Heck, some can even design their own wedding outfits!

So it got me wondering, what can I do for my own wedding? For a start, I definitely cannot do my own bridal henna (some people think I can) lol. And then I was thinking, since the only thing that I am good at with my hands is henna, why not I do or make something henna-related?

So here are some ideas I have!! Need to brainstorm more. Any ideas, feel free to suggest!

Henna heels 2Henna heels

Time to start the trial-and-error process and make prototypes soon! We are almost reaching the 9-months countdown mark omgahhhhhh!!

Pictures are from Google images and @matildahling on instagram.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Bites: DIY Projects”

  1. Hi Sarah!!! Congrats on your engagement! I think the ideas you have are pretty cool! Perhaps you can even get your wedding card to have mandala designs of sorts to add a personal touch! Heehe. All the best with your wedding prep!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Aisyah! Yup, planning to have some henna designs on my invitation cards too. All the best for your preparations too! May everything go smoothly insyaAllah.


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