The Ladies Souq II

Like the previous Ladies Souq, I was glad to be part of the organizing committee for the second event again. This time, it was bigger and there were a lot more things to be done.

Compared to the first Souq, the duration was slightly longer, the number of vendors almost doubled, we had an additional venue to make it bigger, there were more publicity stunts involved, we had more sponsors, the theme was raya and there was a photobooth and a churros live station! Continue reading “The Ladies Souq II”


Wedding Bites: To bridesmaid or not to bridesmaid?

So I have been thinking of this for a while now. Some of my girlfriends have also been asking me if I am going to have bridesmaids or not. Some just assume that I will be having bridesmaids, and ask me how many. Which leads me to the question: Do I really need bridesmaids?

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The 10 Most Deadly Phrases In A Relationship

I’ve recently just stumbled into this article in Huffington Post and damn, I felt quite terasa. I mentioned before that I am usually careful with words and I can be quite particular about people’s choice of words. It’s not that I am always very laser-mouthed, but I admit there are some nasty occasions where we blurt out things we don’t really mean, either to purposely hurt the other person’s ego or to make a point, without really assessing our choice of words or thinking of the consequences of what we utter.

Loads to improve on, right there.

Marriage Bites #3: What would you like to achieve before marriage?

I haven’t had the time to write a proper entry since I went for a short getaway to KL over the Labour Day long weekend, and then right when I got back, I came down with a fever, sore throat, cough and flu, which I am still nursing right now. Things are getting busy for planning The Ladies Souq II as well. Since H is away for his first grad trip (there are 2), I have some time to finally get on with Marriage Bites #3!

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