The 10 Most Deadly Phrases In A Relationship

I’ve recently just stumbled into this article in Huffington Post and damn, I felt quite terasa. I mentioned before that I am usually careful with words and I can be quite particular about people’s choice of words. It’s not that I am always very laser-mouthed, but I admit there are some nasty occasions where we blurt out things we don’t really mean, either to purposely hurt the other person’s ego or to make a point, without really assessing our choice of words or thinking of the consequences of what we utter.

Loads to improve on, right there.


1 thought on “The 10 Most Deadly Phrases In A Relationship”

  1. Am guilty too! Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you say mean things knowing it would hurt the other just to soothe your own heart. Backfires all the time. A moment of anger can definitely cause a lifetime of regret.

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