The 10 Most Deadly Phrases In A Relationship

I’ve recently just stumbled into this article in Huffington Post and damn, I felt quite terasa. I mentioned before that I am usually careful with words and I can be quite particular about people’s choice of words. It’s not that I am always very laser-mouthed, but I admit there are some nasty occasions where we blurt out things we don’t really mean, either to purposely hurt the other person’s ego or to make a point, without really assessing our choice of words or thinking of the consequences of what we utter.

Loads to improve on, right there.


One thought on “The 10 Most Deadly Phrases In A Relationship”

  1. Am guilty too! Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you say mean things knowing it would hurt the other just to soothe your own heart. Backfires all the time. A moment of anger can definitely cause a lifetime of regret.

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