The Ladies Souq II

Like the previous Ladies Souq, I was glad to be part of the organizing committee for the second event again. This time, it was bigger and there were a lot more things to be done.

Compared to the first Souq, the duration was slightly longer, the number of vendors almost doubled, we had an additional venue to make it bigger, there were more publicity stunts involved, we had more sponsors, the theme was raya and there was a photobooth and a churros live station!

It was almost going to be perfect, if not for the last minute change of venue merely 4 days before the event. Someone screwed up, and we had to quickly scramble to adapt and make it work. Alhamdulillah, it was still a success.

Like the first Souq, I think the main selling point of this event was the fashion show. There was a number of social media celebrities like kakak-kakak instagram and kakak youtuber. We even spotted Azzah Fariha and Alyph Sleeq among the attendees.

And again, we were constantly being compared to LalooLalang bazaar, which we felt quite honoured about. LalooLalang is organized by high profile people, with more experience, loads of sponsors and a lot more connections. But The Ladies Souq only recently started by The WTB Diary, which is a group of girls determined to place more emphasis on marriage preparations rather than wedding preparations.

Another unique thing about The Ladies Souq is that all our vendors are businesses of Girl Bosses. Part of The WTB Diary’s mission is women empowerment. With the intention of helping women, we made The Ladies Souq such that only Girl Bosses can participate as vendors and rent a booth. Unlike other flea event organisers in general, we do not just rent out booths and leave vendors to do their business on the ground. We make sure all their needs are fulfilled and that all their concerns are addressed as much as possible. Some of our WTB ambassadors/volunteers even help our vendors to carry their logistics from the car park into the venue, despite being dressed in their baju raya.

I had a henna booth again, this time collaborating with a fellow WTB friend who just started doing henna. We did quite well too. It kept me busy enough that I was not satisfied with how little opportunity I had to walk around and shop in between henna clients hahaha. InsyaAllah, we are going to have a short ramadhan henna booth. Yay!





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