Ramadhan Bites #1

I know it’s late but Salaam Ramadhan everyone! We are all blessed to meet Ramadhan once again this year, alhamdulillah. As for me, it feels a little more personal this time because it is my last ramadhan as a singleton and with my family since I will be moving in with H and his family after the wedding next year.

In my last post, I mentioned that one of the things that I will miss most after marriage is my family. Ever since ramadhan came last week, I’ve been feeling a little more emotional lately. I went for terawih with mum on the second night of ramadhan last week, and it just hit me that this year would be my last year to terawih together with her. From next ramadhan onwards, I will no longer get to buka and sahur with my family, terawih with them, help my mum bake kuih raya, help mum anyam ketupat, go shopping at geylang with mum or even spend malam raya and pagi raya with my family. Yes, I can still visit them and do all those, but it would feel different when I am no longer living there.

Instead, life will be totally different. I would have to prepare food for the future husband, wake up extra early to prepare for sahur, come home early to prepare for buka, terawih with the husband, juggle the other household chores without mum’s help on top of preparing for raya and other stuff.

This year is also a little busier for me. I am going to have a henna booth at the end of ramadhan, and I am in the midst of preparing for it. Normal ramadhan without any henna assignments is already hectic, what with the bakings, the terawihs and the spring cleaning. But now, I need to juggle my time well especially since I hope to make the most out of this ramadhan to spend time with my family and live in the moment. I can’t imagine how it would be like after marriage, with husband and children.

The past 9 days of ramadhan have been going well so far. Just before ramadhan, H and I were sharing our personal goals to achieve this month, and we have been reminding and motivating each other to stick to them. I am quite happy with how well we are doing right now. Everything seems more or less on track.

Since GSS also just started, we are planning to slowly start buying stuff for the gift trays and maybe even survey wedding bands. I am quite clueless when it comes to looking for jewelry, especially for men. How do I even start? How much do people usually spend on mens’ rings? Apparently some people say that when looking for platinum/titanium rings for men, we need to ask the jeweler if the ring contains any traces or small percentage of silver since silver is haram for men. Hmm..

Other than that, it is also a good time to look for sejadah and baju/kain for the dulang from geylang since it’s the festive season. I just hope that the bazaar won’t be too crowded and H won’t become too cranky when we go Geylang later tonight since he really dislikes Geylang and hates crowds. Every year, we visit the bazaar together, and every year, he will curse and swear and vow to never visit bazaar geylang ever again, but every year, we still go anyway hahahaha!


5 thoughts on “Ramadhan Bites #1”

  1. Hello! For men, silver ring is actually encouraged. It is gold that is haram. When you can go into the store you can straightaway tell them you are looking for wedding bands and the guy’s ring cannot have gold at all. They are used to us Muslims requesting that. (: Then they’ll show you the titanium/ platinum rings. Titanium is more affordable then platinum, I heard. We just bought our wedding bands from Lee Hwa and the cheapest platinum ring for guys is about $1k even during GSS /:


    1. Oh ya, I got it mixed up between gold and silver. My bad. Thanks for the correction! Wah $1k for a guy’s ring? I’m not sure if it’s normal to think that guy’s ring don’t have to be as expensive as girl’s ring? Or is it just me.. Hahaha


      1. KAN. I thought so too! Haha. His ring more ex than mine babe. 😹If you don’t want platinum you can consider going to meyson, much more affordable. Can get guy’s rings for $100+. i think stainless steel with a diamond. We got his engagement ring from there but I think he kerja lasak so many tiny scratches & the diamond fell out. Hoping the upgrade to a platinum ring would make it last longer 🙊


  2. Hey there, just happened to chance upon your blog. I suddenly discovered a whole new world of BTB blogs here on wordpress and I am so excited reading all of them haha.

    I totally know the feels when you say things just won’t be the same after marriage. My mum has always told me that she is worried about this part, and I always tell her she’s over-reacting and things will be fine. I’ll just be a 10 min drive away or I’ll still come by and visit all the time. But somehow it was only during Ramadhan did it really sink in that, MasyaAllah, it really will be different very soon. Instead of setting a table for 6 during iftar, it would be a table for 5, and I won’t be around to help with the cleaning before hari raya while my dad plays raya songs to get us in the mood. 😥 I guess its a change that all BTBs and their families will slowly try to figure out and get used to though.

    Anyways, wishing you all the best in your wedding prep and I’ll link your blog up on mine (www.matrimonialmayhem.blogspot.com) 🙂 Can’t wait to read more bites!

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