Raya Bites #1

This is soooooo long overdue hahaha. Yes, I know syawal is over, but I have been so busy and occupied over the last 2 months. I even planned on writing a Ramadhan Bites #2, but tak ter-blog pulak.

This is officially my last raya as a single lady. Ever since ramadhan started and the thought that I do not have much time left to spend as a singleton has sunk in, I have been trying my best to be fully present in everything I am involved in, and to cherish every moment.

Overall, ramadhan was okay for me this year. It was busier this time due to a major henna project at bazaar Geylang. Even though it was just a short 2-day stint, there were LOADS of things to prepare that took up a lot of my time. I did not managed to terawih as much as I would love to, anyam ketupats as many as I could, bake cookies as much, and help out with spring cleaning as much as I should. But I didn’t regret it because the henna project was a major accomplishment for myself. I might write a separate entry about it when I feel like it.

Raya was kinda okay this year, maybe just a little more draggy? I don’t even have any other words to describe it. All I know is that most people’s common topic while trying to make a conversation with me is about my wedding preparations. Now I’m getting sleepy, so this shall be continued in another entry hehe.


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