Wedding Bites: Raya FAQ

Like the previous post, this is long overdue.

Anyway, raya was full of small talks as usual. And since everyone knows that I’m getting married soon, the number one thing that people try to make a conversation with me about, is my wedding.


So the number one question to me is: How’s your wedding preparations?

It’s a simple innocent question, but it made me reflect quite a bit. To be honest, I’m feeling pretty chill about everything even though we are now less than 6 months away. Preparations are going quite okay so far. So I’m just taking it slow and steady, and keeping calm about everything. Afterall, it’s just a wedding.

Some people somehow give a perplexed reaction at how calm I am. And for some reason, I actually feel quite disturbed by this. Do they expect me to be panicky and nervous? Do they expect me to act like a bridezilla? They might even be thinking “budak ni nak kahwin ke tak..?” My mum probably already thinks that way.

But seriously, just chill guys. It’s just a wedding. It’s going to last just one weekend. But marriage on the other hand, will last till eternity. Why go through so much trouble and hassle just for that one “perfect” weekend when you did not spend just the same amount of effort preparing for a marriage which is a thousand times more important?

For now, I am just trying to keep my expectations in check for the wedding. Everyone knows that planning for a wedding takes up a lot of time, effort and money. It is so easy to get sucked into the whole obsession on how everything must go perfectly as planned, that we tend to forget to take a step back. We tend to forget our intention of getting married in the first place. We forget to ponder more in depth of how life will be like after marriage in the long term.

Maybe it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Maybe I will start panicking at the last minute, like I always do. I don’t know. But to be honest, it feels quite disturbing how other people are disturbed by my calmness. I am just so calm that if we were to bring the nikah forward to tomorrow, I’ll be like “okay can”.


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