House Bites #1: SBF May 2016

It’s finally about time I talk about our house! I’ve been wanting to write about this since the beginning, but there was nothing to write about because we literally haven’t secured a house at that time. But now, alhamdulillah it is 75% secure hehehe. Continue reading “House Bites #1: SBF May 2016”


Wedding Bites: Decor & Catering

Last Thursday, my parents and I went to meet our wedding planner Kak Lynn to discuss about menu and decor/pelamin.

We started with menu first, and it pretty much went quite quickly cos my mum and I had already discussed about it beforehand. I am just happy that we are taking black pepper prawns because I am planning to eat my nasi minyak on the bridal table using my hands and kopek all the prawns!! Continue reading “Wedding Bites: Decor & Catering”

Wedding Bites: JB trip

Last Saturday, I went on a rombongan JB trip for one whole day with a bunch of 12 other people including my mum, my makciks and a few cousins. My makcik organized this trip to Mini Kelantan and Cowboy, which apparently have many wedding items. So yeah, we went ahead with it though I kinda set low expectations for it lol.

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Wedding Bites: Kompang

I can’t remember if I mentioned it somewhere, but we took an (almost) all-in-one wedding package which covers almost everything we need, especially for H’s side. Kompang was one of the few things that was not covered.

H and I had been debating about whether we should have kompang at our wedding. To me, a kompang package is not cost effective at all. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: Kompang”

Marriage Bites #5: What do you think is the most important factor for a good marriage?

It’s been awhile since I wrote a Marriage Bites issue. Life has been busy and there are a lot of things going on. I still have a few things to update here with regards to the wedding preps, but will find the time to do it soon. For now, here is Marriage Bites #5!

There are of course, lots of important factors for a successful marriage. Different things are important to different people. To me, some of the important factors include communication, honesty, integrity, love, compatibility, loyalty and dedication. But if I were to pick one which I think is super important, it would be friendship. I would never marry someone who I cannot be best friends with.

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