Wedding Bites: Kompang

I can’t remember if I mentioned it somewhere, but we took an (almost) all-in-one wedding package which covers almost everything we need, especially for H’s side. Kompang was one of the few things that was not covered.

H and I had been debating about whether we should have kompang at our wedding. To me, a kompang package is not cost effective at all. The average price is like $600-700+, and their kompang performance is only like what, 15-20 minutes? Maximum 30 minutes. I love kompangs at weddings. It is one of those things that you can only find at Malay weddings. But I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for one of the most short-lived item for my wedding.

On the other hand, H thinks that it would be too weird for the pengantin to make an entrance without real kompang. I have seen pengantins making an entrance with just a love song, or even a kompang music played in mp3 by the DJ. Ya, it’s a bit different, but I don’t mind it at all. Cos to me, forking out $600-700+ just for a non-weird looking entrance is not worth it. But since he really wants it and it’s for his side of the wedding anyway, we searched for kompang groups to book.

Our first choice was obviously none other than Akrab. We discovered them end of last year, and I enquired their charges way before Kisah Tok Kadi started. But by the time we decided to have a kompang for the wedding, they became super popular and we didn’t bother getting back to them to check if they were still available and all.

Eventually we booked this newbie kompang group called Braders Kompang, started by the mosque youth group called Braders SG. They just started out, and they were having a promotion to launch their kompang group. There was only one video of their kompang performance, which looked pretty decent. Their price was below market rate, and part of their intention was to make weddings more affordable in their own way. Sounds sincere enough, so we decided to book them.

We have been following their page, and it seems like they have been practicing, going for more performances at wedding assignments, did selawat or qasidah busking in public places and stuff like that. I’m just happy to have the impression that they look legit enough.


5 thoughts on “Wedding Bites: Kompang”

  1. I’m searching Braders Kompang on wordpress but only your post showed up haha. I think I wanna consider them but tu lah, tak banyak reviews etc. Kepo sikit, what was quoted to you by them?


    1. Cant remember the exact price, but I think it might be $450 or $500 gitu. It was when they just launched, so it’s really the introductory price. My wedding is next weekend, so you might want to wait for my review? Hahaha

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