Wedding Bites: JB trip

Last Saturday, I went on a rombongan JB trip for one whole day with a bunch of 12 other people including my mum, my makciks and a few cousins. My makcik organized this trip to Mini Kelantan and Cowboy, which apparently have many wedding items. So yeah, we went ahead with it though I kinda set low expectations for it lol.

Mini Kelantan is in JB, and it looks…. different from how I thought it would look like haha. Anyway, we didn’t managed to spend much time at each location, but we managed to conquer this huge wedding shop and got quite a few stuff from there at cheap prices. .We bought bunga pahar, some flowers to decorate the bridal room, cadar, bunga manggar and some kain for me to make into a dress/baju kurung for the hantaran. We wanted to get the organza bag for berkat too, but they didn’t have stock for the size that we wanted. And the bunga rampai holders were not really to our liking cos they had a lot of those heavy glass holders or something. I really don’t remember the prices of the stuff we bought, but the more expensive bunga pahar was like RM50 for one box of 25 if I’m not wrong. I’m pretty sure my mum didn’t choose that price range, though. For bunga manggar, we got 3 packets for RM10. Each packet comes with 20 sticks if I’m not wrong, but we bought it only to put at bus stops and the venue for signage.

This whole shop was filled with rows of shelves of wedding stuff, flowers, DIY materials and other crafty items which I have little appreciation for, unfortunately.
Two very tall and long rows of big shelves of bunga pahar flowers. 
The range of ready-made and decorated dulangs was quite impressive! All you have to do is to probably tie some ribbons on your items and place it on the dulangs nicely and you’re all set to kahwin!
My makciks, cousin and her son posing for a photo lol. Yup, this wedding shop has 2 storeys worth of… wedding stuff.

It was at Cowboy where we managed to get the organza bags. It was going for RM3.50 for a packet of 10 pieces. Not bad, I guess. So we filled one whole basket with 50 packets. Cowboy also did not look like what I expected. It was actually one super huge megamart, something like Giant at Tampines, which sells like EVERYTHING. My mum and me were also looking at the bunga rampai holders there, but I wasn’t really impressed by them. My mum really wanted to buy it there, but I convinced her not to, because some of the packaging was really bad, cos they were dusty and some looked like people dah bongkar-bongkar all. It’s normal that sometimes, these kind of huge megamarts are poorly managed. So we decided to look elsewhere.

Our next stop was none other than Larkin hahaha. This was where we finally found the bunga rampai holder that we fancied. So we pre-ordered it to customize the mini flowers glued to the holder. It was RM3.50 each for 50 pieces. Going there again next month to collect it!

This is the shop in Larkin where we ordered our bunga rampai holder.

Towards the end of the day, we ended the trip with a visit to Angsana and this hipster place called Kilang Bateri. Didn’t manage to walk around much at both places, but mum and me was super glad we managed to buy a steam iron at Angsana. Ya, of all items, we bought a steam iron! It was those very hand-held portable kind of steam iron that doesn’t need a stand or holder to hold it. Kind of reminds me of a hand-held vacuum cleaner, but must still use power cos it’s not battery operated. Anyway, we also need this steam iron for the wedding because my second outfit for Saturday will be my own kaftan, which might need some last minute ironing just in case there are creases developed while on the way from home to the Masjid.

I kinda lol-ed at the cover of this magazine. Thinking back, I should have bought it just for fun.


So yeah, kinda happy with our progress so far. Today, my friend also sent me the first draft of the invitation that she designed for me. It was her first time designing a card, and I must say, I’m really really impressed! There is not much to edit, so I’m pretty sure I can get the cards printed by next month, though we are only planning to send them out in December.


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