Wedding Bites: Decor & Catering

Last Thursday, my parents and I went to meet our wedding planner Kak Lynn to discuss about menu and decor/pelamin.

We started with menu first, and it pretty much went quite quickly cos my mum and I had already discussed about it beforehand. I am just happy that we are taking black pepper prawns because I am planning to eat my nasi minyak on the bridal table using my hands and kopek all the prawns!! Cos I loveeeeee prawns! I heard you can request the catering people to kopek for you, but no thanks. Nobody is going to touch my prawns! And I am the kind of person who will ALWAYS eat using my hands at every wedding I go to. So ya, my wedding what. My pasal lah nak makan pakai tangan. I will tell my photographers to ask my guests to wait for me to finish eating (my prawns) before taking photos. No photos with the pengantin while she is enjoying her food (prawns), thank you. (If you insist, I will campak kepala udang at you)

The only thing we had to discuss was about taking an additional catering service on the Friday evening, which is the eve of the Nikah day cos we are expecting guests for rewang and henna party. We had to top up a little bit, but I feel that ordering food is way better than having my mum to cook a whole meal for 50 pax all by herself.

Then it came to decor. To be completely honest, I didn’t think about decor much prior to this meeting. I only thought of colours, which I picked hot pink and off-white. I also did some last minute research for pelamin photos on pinterest before that, but that was it. And then when I read whatever other BTBs are talking about their pelamin, I was like omg I didn’t even bother to do that much research and digging about my pelamin?? Apparently there is a lot more to think about to plan for your pelamin. Colours, theme, flowers, layout, concept etc. Some girls have got it all planned out like years before their wedding, and then when it’s finally time to get married, they know exactly what they want already. Me on the other hand…..have no idea I was supposed to brainstorm about all this. By then it was already too late haha. Ok lah, I didn’t think I was that cincai when I told Kak Lynn how I wanted it to be. As long as it looks decent, I think I happy liao.

Afterall, it’s just a wedding right? Everyone will forget about it when it’s over. I know it always sounds easy for me to keep saying this over and over again. But it takes some effort for me also to not fret too much about the wedding. What’s more important is life after marriage.


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