Marriage Bites #6: Husband > Wife

Every couple going through this phase has one or more fear or worry about what the future holds for them in marriage life after nikah. I have talked about my fears and insecurities many times with H and he has shared some of his with me too. Most of the time, we talk about it to get some assurance. But sometimes, we share them to find solutions together, or just to let each other know that we are going through this together. Continue reading “Marriage Bites #6: Husband > Wife”


Wedding Bites: Pre-marriage Course

IMG_20161016_221132.jpgLast weekend, H and I attended a course by AoM (you know which one I’m talking about). To be honest, I admit I didn’t research much about which organiser is good and which is not. I chose AoM simply because I heard a lot of good reviews about it that I didn’t bother researching about the rest, because the syllabus is standardised anyway right? Wrong. The whole course was conducted by only one trainer, who is not an asatizah. Let’s call her N. We were seated in groups of 3 couples per table, and each of us are given a folder and a few notebooks with the whole syllabus in them. Lunch and 2 tea breaks for both days were provided. Throughout the whole course, we were given some activities to aid in the lesson as well as case studies to discuss among our group members and come up with solutions. I will try to elaborate as detailed as possible here, since pre-marriage course is not something that a lot of BTBs blog about thoroughly. So this is going to be a super long entry.

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House Bites #2: We don’t need much space to make babies eh?

I feel very very ‘terasa’ on the day that MP made that infamous remark. Because that was the day of our HDB appointment to book our flat! So yes, Jo Teo, we got our “space” and insyaAllah we can breed! Continue reading “House Bites #2: We don’t need much space to make babies eh?”

Wedding Bites: ROMM Registration

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who have commented on my last post about insurance and getting a financial advisor! I have been asking around about this to everyone I know via whatsapp before writing it on WordPress, but when I had an idea to write a SOS message on this blog, H was very supportive. I knew I can count on the BTB community in WordPress. Hehe. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: ROMM Registration”

SOS: Health Insurance

Recently a few of our elders have been falling ill. Some are minor illnesses, some are quite major and terminal. It makes me worried and wonder if I have sufficient coverage in case I fall ill myself. Health is priceless. It is a rezeki that many of us take for granted. We often only realize how valuable it is when we lose it.

But at the same time we must usaha and be prepared. Investing in a health insurance is a small sum compared to what you need to fork out if it strikes even once in your life.

Recently H and I have been thinking and discussing about this a lot but we are not sure where to start. We are very wary because it is easy to fall into the trap of an insurance seller whose niat is just to make you buy the package and not really advice the best for you. It is not that easy to tell who is credible and who you can trust with this.

We have been asking around a bit, but we are cautious, probably because it is our first time also. We are trying to avoid going up to insurance salesmen at roadshows and their branches because some of them can be quite pushy and might do hard-selling. Some of our friends gave their contacts and recommendations, which we appreciate, but I guess we are still asking around and finding out more.

So if you girls would like to share how you got your insurance plans with your other halves or are planning to get, that would be really helpful. It would be great if we could also have a financial planner who can advice about investments and other forms of policies related to starting a family like planning for children’s future and education.