SOS: Health Insurance

Recently a few of our elders have been falling ill. Some are minor illnesses, some are quite major and terminal. It makes me worried and wonder if I have sufficient coverage in case I fall ill myself. Health is priceless. It is a rezeki that many of us take for granted. We often only realize how valuable it is when we lose it.

But at the same time we must usaha and be prepared. Investing in a health insurance is a small sum compared to what you need to fork out if it strikes even once in your life.

Recently H and I have been thinking and discussing about this a lot but we are not sure where to start. We are very wary because it is easy to fall into the trap of an insurance seller whose niat is just to make you buy the package and not really advice the best for you. It is not that easy to tell who is credible and who you can trust with this.

We have been asking around a bit, but we are cautious, probably because it is our first time also. We are trying to avoid going up to insurance salesmen at roadshows and their branches because some of them can be quite pushy and might do hard-selling. Some of our friends gave their contacts and recommendations, which we appreciate, but I guess we are still asking around and finding out more.

So if you girls would like to share how you got your insurance plans with your other halves or are planning to get, that would be really helpful. It would be great if we could also have a financial planner who can advice about investments and other forms of policies related to starting a family like planning for children’s future and education.


24 thoughts on “SOS: Health Insurance”

  1. Hi babe! Im trying to get one for my tunang too. Through my father’s friend. My dad got mine when i was born through him. So quite senior in the industry. Trustable & no hard selling really. 👍 good advice: insurance wont cover underlying issues that you have now. So better get one as soon as possible.

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  2. I got a financial advisor from Finexis! They’re not affiliated to specific financial institutions. It’s best to go to the senior ones as they are more knowledgeable, and they’ll be able to tell you which insurance from various companies to take based on your lifestyle and preferences. From my experience, they won’t force you to take the most expensive one either. They’ll also plan out your finances with you and a few of them are well-versed in Islamic finances 🙂

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    1. Sounds interesting. How did you get acquainted with your financial advisor? Did you go to Finexis directly and they just assign you with someone? It’s really really great if they can advice on Islamic aspects also. I have heard of some Islamic-inclined financial advisors who can advice about avoiding riba and all.


  3. Mine from GE and AIA. Mum bought it from me tho. Hahaha. But i did understood the terms and conditions. I took 2 cos there can never be a company who is good at everything. So GE is for hospital and AIA for accidents which thry are pops for. Mum deals with the main boss for GE and now become friend friend la. He’s good no hard selling, understood our needs and wants. Its important to get someone who knows what you want and not those yg kerja the company for a few years thrn throw you off to another person. Be wary also like you said, some just wants the comission. You can def tell how they speak to you and all that. Have an expert with you. Financial advisor? I dont have la. I dont trust them. Hahaha!

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      1. Hmm her’s is premium senior citizen rate so hers is 60+, mine is about 24. My GE is only 18. Anyway if you found a financial advisor good enough, do share okay. Haha. Cos the ones ive met are all commision driven so mcm tk click gitu :/


      2. Haha yeah its a yearly rate thing, but do ask for mcm ‘hidden’ costs for insurance. My mom just reached 50 and they changed her plan without informing (or maybe they did but she ignored it. haha). then got penalty for missing payment. Hahaha!


  4. Hi babe! I feel you totally because i was in your position about two years ago alone. I don’t know where to start and which is reliable etc. This is what i understand. So basically there are many plans but you need to know what plan are the NEED for yourself. There is hospitalisation plan, i heard AVIVA if you and your husb take the plans, your child is auto covered from certain age (you can check it out). Some hospital plan, need to top up monthly rider so that you are covered for pte hosp coverage too. The plans will cover your post hosp stay abt 180days before and after the hospital period (unless there is a change now). Then there is accident plan, i took w 3 different people of 2 different companies but my latest plan is somehow the cheapest after i keep jumping (case tgh belajar). Then there is other plans such as life insurance (covers death, total disability, partial disability) and there is plan that cover early and late stage of cancer. And eventually there is investment part whereby this particular company i took up at first, u pay for ur insurance and also invest at same time which can be withdrawn at later age (but warning, per year you pay banyak gila but in long run, the benefits will help but i withdraw myself). These plan either pay yearly till you die or a plan for a period of time only (which is cheaper but varies through companies).

    Then there are other plans like when you’re pregnant you can take to protect yourself and your baby, AXA has it (i just briefly saw and read through but too early for now). Then there is retirement plan (AXA & Prudential, i read through both briefly), you can start to save up from now then years down the road you can withdraw the money when you retire, still working out my finance with this part. If education wise for your future little kiddos, ntuc income has it because i am under one. My dad keep saying NTUC income is good, they also offer hospitalisation plan which i got scan through before also. You can do compare contrast like how BTBs do w vendor 😁

    In terms of savings & investment, there is such thing as you invest your CPF OA acct before HDB wipe out all your OA money upon key collection, you invest some (but need to have balance of 20k inside) of your CPF OA then in the future if eg either of you or ur partner study/stop working then need pay the monthly hdb loan, can take back the money and use it for the payment. All you need is open an acct with some banks. There is savings and investment plan too which i took like killing 2 birds w 1 stone, i invest certain amount i shared w my fiance then the monthly money i got back i used to do my savings (the plan is about 4-5 years, taking this up for my future kiddos edu or any other urgent stuffs).

    So if you ask me which is good, i cant totally say either because honestly, at the end of the day, you will only feel protected and secured once you get those insurance that cover you and your needs. In my view, hospitalisation plan is very impt, and take early before you are detect with any illness or else they wont cover you for life (unless dr can write memo say u hv fully recovered) plus they deduct through your cpf, the top up rider to entitle to pte sector, then cash monthly. I made my fiance took last year because i find its important and i don’t want to delay since he is working alrdy. So his friend is a financial advisor, we took up with him so that in near future i can handle my plans and his plans more easily.

    Think through and work your finance well. Some people are pushy trust me and you can say no. Once u take up a plan, you can choose to pay monthly, six mthly or yearly. You get a few percent cheaper if you choose to pay yearly basis.

    I am still learning, so pardon me if i am not that good either but this is how and what i learn and still learning since i am am reviewing my plans yearly and planning to take some plans essential for my fiance, myself and my future kids, if ada, in shaa Allah.

    Have fun too! Because its nice to talk about this things, in my view lah. And dont stress stress because thats when you may do wrg choice and regret ltr. Take care

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    1. Wah this is overwhelming (in a good way) haha. Anyway, how did you come across all the different insurance companies/agents? Do you go to them directly, or are they through parents/family/contacts?
      The savings+investment plan sounds interesting. Do you mind sharing which company are you taking that from? My fiance and I are looking into long-term financial plans also.
      Thank you so much for sharing! All these comments are really really helpful, dah jadi macam forum thread pulak hahahaha.


      1. Hahah sorry, i cant help it. I love when people talk about this because i will always hear then i go do my own learning. How? Its because org org kat kerja berbual, then they will talk about this that etc then i’ll go home and research online. Some is i really interested so i go to their company website and read through. The agents wise i have two friends from two different company. So i go to them and ask their view. Then i will do my own study. Then i make my own decision. At times, got roadshow just let them talk but to hear whatever they have to say and get their brochure then chao. Hahah. Mean ah but thats what i do. The first insurance agent was a contact that my mother got for me, a husband and wife who are agents (super nice, met to my needs and concern). My dad has a his own financial advisor, friends since sec school, he recommended to me but i scared so i always pasang telinga whenever they talk during their meet up at home to so call ‘learn’ 😂😂 plus my closest friend quite transparent about his workline. Hahah. Another friend is my fiance friend, we had many meet up before i officially under him. I can be very anal on questions at times but he sabar lah. Alhamdulillah, everything is okay for now plus in shaa Allah for future too.

        The savings and investment i took up is from… Can i email it to you? Heh. Because i shy, no ah more of pysei if whatever dec i do might be judge/wrong. Heh. My email is

        Happy to share w you whatever i know but at the end of the day, i hope you will get the good ones that will meet your needs. Good things must share! Thank you for the post too! I find it fun! Because its future talk they say ☺️

        Anw take before you turn older too because as u grow older it gets more exp. and sometimes some plans like accident can be it abit pricey too because of your occupation nature. Pay less can sometimes be lesser coverage. Pay more means more coverage. However, terms and condition applies behind every of the cost price stated. Thats how insurance work. Their black and white panjang gila. They usually cover not those common diseases because not everyone has it so lesser claims if not ltr company sure bankrupt. If you know what i mean. Hahah. Pandai diaorg suck our money.


  5. I got my insurance plans from … my husband. haha. conflict of interest eh. he’s a financial planner with GE 😁 many years ago I met a smooth agent who got me to sign docs within our first apmt (and I obliged, silly me) so i understand your cautiousness.

    if you and your tunang would like a non-obligatory consult, I can pass you my husband’s contact 😊 he and his team never sell things on first apmt, they will listen to your needs and plan something for you before presenting to you for your consideration ☺️

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    1. Hey babe, do you mind passing your husband’s contact to me? I’m just starting out with insurance (just started as a proper working adult, and getting married next year). If your husband/his team are open to having a discussion with a complete newbie like myself, here’s my email thanks in advance


  6. I’m currently w GE and my fiancé is also w GE right now. My family’s insurance is also covered by GE thats probably because we have a very very nice & understanding financial advisor who will personally come to our house every month to give updates on our insurance status plus he gives really honest advices. No hard selling either. He will take the effort to seat down w the both of you and lay out what is needed and what is not. He tends to you so professionally and really, he will disclose to you everything about the insurance, no secrets. I can link you up to him if you want.

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    1. GE sounds like a popular choice. How did you get acquainted with your financial advisor? Is it because your parents memang dah beli insurance from him first? What other forms of insurance are you taking with GE other than health insurance? Hope you don’t mind sharing. 😀


      1. Yeap my parents bought life insurance for me apart from the health insurance. When I start working next year I will be paying for the monthly. My life insurance covers all major illnesses plus there are add ons to it. For my fiancé he took smart life advantage, the add ons are flexiterm mortgage and total health. Covers, any medical expenses and hospitalization. Covers ur salary if ur out of work for 90 days due to medical reasons, surgery/ hospital bills/ etc for all major ilnesses. Covers you when ure in critical illness (ie stage 4), death and total permanent disability. And pays u 75% of ur last salary per month till death if ure unable to work. There are alot more la dear. If u want I have their contacts u can just pm me 😊

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  7. Protection insurance above all else babe.. hospitalisation (mine’s from NTUC). early critical illness (AIA), critical illness (Prudential), women’s illness (Prudential) and accident (Prudential). I have life and term insurance from Prudential too.

    In terms of savings and investment, I don’t believe in endowments and ILPs as I’ve researched and calculated that the returns are not worth it. There’s other more effective investment vehicles but that’s a whole other story altogether.

    Just get your protection first, because the insurer will not cover you once you get an illness, or the premiums will be very expensive. 🙂

    Thanks for this post – timely reminder that I need to do my financial review soon!

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    1. Sounds interesting. How did you manage to find all the different insurance from different companies? Did you source out for them yourself and go to them, or are they through contacts and all? Thanks for sharing. 🙂


      1. I’ve always had the NTUC hospitalisation one as my dad bought for me when I was young. But now I’m upgrading to the highest coverage possible while we’re still young, relatively healthy and working (kiasu). Prudential and AIA were through friends’ referrals. I like my Pru consultant because she’s not hard-selling.

        Anyway I really can’t emphasise enough the importance of getting health insurance.. my dad had a heart bypass a couple of years ago, and had to go for quite a long treatment. Lucky his insurance covered everything.

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