Wedding Bites: ROMM Registration

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who have commented on my last post about insurance and getting a financial advisor! I have been asking around about this to everyone I know via whatsapp before writing it on WordPress, but when I had an idea to write a SOS message on this blog, H was very supportive. I knew I can count on the BTB community in WordPress. Hehe. Anyway, we are still surveying, asking around and collecting more information. So thank you to those who offered their contacts and recommendations for insurance agents and financial advisors. We will consider your offers insyaAllah. I may have more follow up questions on this to ask everyone, it feels like I can open up a forum thread about this topic alone hahaha.

This post is quite overdue, because we did our online ROMM registration about one month ago. The process is pretty straightforward. As long as you read through all the information on the ROMM website beforehand and prepare all the details you need, you will be able to do it correctly. So here’s what I gathered:

  1. Decide on your witnesses early. This may include discussions with your parents and the intended witnesses, which may or may not be lengthy depending on your family. If you already have a default pakcik who is the witness for all your female cousins’ nikah, then good. But if there are issues such as, “nanti pakcik tu kecik hati”, “pakcik ni tak cukup alim”, etc, then you better sort it out early. Ya, some issues can sound a bit ridiculous.
  2. Tok Kadi. If you want to choose a particular kadi (especially popular ones), then it’s better to contact them in advance (maybe 2-3 weeks before the 150 days mark for the online registration). Ask them if they are available on your nikah day, with the venue and time. If they are available, then let them know when you are going to make the online registration so that they can release their slot for you. You may also want to ask the kadi about payment. My kadi told H that average is about $150, but some people give more. H also asked our kadi about pre-marriage course. I remember him saying that the course is highly encouraged, and that we do not have to show him our cert during the nikah day. I actually have a friend who did not attend the course before her nikah, sekali during the nikah, her kadi asked for their cert! So they just explained to him that they did not have time to attend the course. Which was a legit reason because I know the couple kind of planned for their wedding last minute, and they were dealing with their resale flat and renovations all at the same time close to the wedding. So ya, you may want to check with your kadi beforehand if he would like to take a look at your cert during the nikah. Better to find out first. If you don’t have any particular kadi to choose, then I guess you can choose any kadi available on your nikah date and time.
  3. Information to prepare: Name and IC of the couple, the Wali and the two witnesses. Mahr (or mas kahwin). Hantaran amount (I find this quite merepek but whatever). The nikah date, time and venue with full address.
  4. I find that the ROMM website is generally not very user-friendly. The layout, the sequence and placements of the links from one page to another, just doesn’t flow very well. So it’s good to familiarise yourself with the site so that you know what information can be found at which page.
  5. There is a registration fee to pay. I forgot the amount, because obviously H paid for it, duh. Hahaha. But I remember seeing different rates for with wali, without wali, or without wali’s consent, something along those lines.
  6. There will be charges if you want to make any changes after completing the registration. So it’s best to avoid this by double confirming everything, especially the witnesses, since that is the easiest to change. Unless you want to change your future husband? Lol.

We have not gone down to ROMM yet, because we are waiting to complete our pre-marriage course first. We registered with Art of Marriage for the two-day course in English next weekend yay! I’ve been reading some BTBs saying how they don’t really look forward to the course at first because they think it’s going to be a waste of time and money or whatever, but most of them admitted to learning new things about Islam, about themselves and their partners. So ya, I am actually really excited and I look forward to learn new things. I know a lot of BTBs say don’t expect too much because the syllabus has been standardised by MUIS anyway. So I am not really sure what to expect, but hopefully with the good reviews I hear for Art of Marriage, the lessons are going to be fun and engaging.

So back to the ROMM visit, apparently you can go there any time during the opening hours from after completing the online registration. There is no need to make an appointment. So it is quite misleading when some BTBs keep saying “ROMM appointment”. We decide to go only after attending our course because some ustaz may request to see the cert.

I tried to be as informative as possible, so I hope this helps. Will definitely write about the course and the ROMM visit later this month.


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