House Bites #2: We don’t need much space to make babies eh?

I feel very very ‘terasa’ on the day that MP made that infamous remark. Because that was the day of our HDB appointment to book our flat! So yes, Jo Teo, we got our “space” and insyaAllah we can breed!

Anyway, H was really really excited on that day. I, on the other hand, was more nervous and cautious about everything. This has always been the case since we started planning for our marriage. Since we are getting balance flats, there are not a lot of choices to begin with. But we still discussed and analysed our options thoroughly and visited the construction site twice.

H and I had a small difference in opinion about our preference of units. The funny thing we realise is, my current house has a good view, but it’s a corridor unit while H’s current house has no good view, but it’s a corner unit. But we both want the opposite of what we currently have! I want a corner unit, but H wants a good view even if it means getting a corridor unit. Oh wells. At the same time, it also made me realise that I have taken the awesome view of my house for granted, that I dah “tak heran” with good view. Lolz. We went for H’s preference in the end.

My parents joined us for the appointment, because we applied under the MCPS priority scheme. Our awesome single digit ballot number is partly thanks to the fact that my parents live nearby. So they also have to sign some documents to agree that they cannot move out of Bedok for 5 years from the time we get our house.

The whole process was rather smooth. The only thing was, we almost got a heart attack like 4 days before the appointment when we realise that we are not eligible for  any grant. I almost panicked and wanted to pull out from this sale of balance, and go for resale instead, but we quickly found out that we are eligible for the AHG grant, because of the way they will take into account our salary BEFORE the application. That was a huge sigh of relief. PHEW!

So there goes our $2000 deposit. Yay.

Now back to that “you only need a small space to have sex” remark, of course, it is not just about physical space, bongok. It is all about having the financial stability and the right environment to raise a child and start a family. Yes, we can still make babies anywhere we want, but obviously we want to be independent instead of relying on our parents. I can ramble about this, but you get the picture.

Now that H and I have finally settled the housing issue, we sat down and realized about how blessed we have been since day one. We admit that the journey has never been without challenges, but we are really extremely fortunate. Some other couples faced way more bigger obstacles than us, what with the wedding planning chaos, getting multiple BTO and SBF rejections way more than us, the cabaran tunang, and some even have 3rd party or 4th party involved in their relationship. We, on the other hand, have been relatively very stable and calm. Though there are times when we feel that it’s very difficult that I feel lke giving up on the wedding and just abandon everything, we always remind ourselves to count our blessings. I may whine a lot sometimes. but I quickly realize that I need to slap myself for being ungrateful. For goodness sake, we got a house that is 5 minutes away from my parents’ place, and we will be getting the keys much sooner than expected. What can be better than that? Stop complaining already, dear self.


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