Bride’s Bites

I realised I have not been blogging about my feelings and emotions enough. In fact, once all the crazy wedding planning is finally over, one of the things that I would love to look back to, is how I felt at each point of time.

I was actually inspired to write this entry because I was doing a bit of spring cleaning last Sunday. I found a few boxes and bags containing sentimental stuff of H and me, like our movie tickets, entrance tickets to many different shows/museums/galleries/places of interests, birthday cards, anniversary cards, letters to each other while we were going through NS and long distance relationship etc. The best part about spring cleaning is always finding this kind of stuff and going through them. I spent awhile re-reading all the old cards and letters H wrote to me and I couldn’t help but bawl my eyes out. It reminded me of all the difficult stages of life we went through together and to think we actually pulled through and came out stronger than before, till we’re almost getting married, it’s just so amazing. It made me realise how blessed we were, to have almost all our prayers answered till today.

A few weeks ago, I had a henna assignment in Boon Lay. Walking through Jurong Point brought back so many memories too. About 5-6 years ago, I used to travel all the way to Jurong Point after school just to meet H during his weekly Wednesday “nights out” when he was training at Pasir Laba camp. We would either watch a movie, or just go for dinner and lepak at starbucks for a few hours until it’s time for him to go back to camp to book in again.

Now that we have come this far, I can’t help but reflect back at all the things we went through together. For me, the most memorable moments of our courtship days were not really the sweet moments or the good days, but it was the toughest times. It was the NS days in 2010-2011, the 5 months when I was away on exchange in Canada in 2013, and the 6 months when H was away on exchange in Europe in 2015. Those were the days when circumstances could have broken us apart. When we were not even sure of ourselves, despite giving each other assurances. When we truly struggled to keep the relationship alive. The journeys were the toughest on those days, and we felt like giving up a few times, especially through the NS phase. But because of the hurdles, our efforts and commitment to keep the flame burning tripled. Despite the insecurities, the uncertainties, the distance and time difference during the almost one year of combined LDR (this one no joke), we were devoted to make sure it works out. And it is exactly because of all the effort we put in that makes it the most memorable times of our relationship. It is not something that we wish to experience all over again, but I think if we didn’t go through all that, we might not be getting married. Those phases were like the tests of love. If there were no tests for my boyfriend and I to pass, how would I know we would be able to pass so many other tests in life together? So we are quite thankful that He made us go through all this before finally uniting us for good in 67 days insyaAllah.



SOS: Bridal corset/body shaper

Hi girls, need some help and advice about looking for a corset/body shaper. I just made a visit to Triumph and I really love their body dress. The only problem is, it’s freaking $269! I should have gone to their expo sale last weekend urgh. Does anyone have any other recommendations or know of other brands who sell cheaper ones?

I am considered small-sized overall, with an oversized bum and I’m quite boncet too. I tried the two piece girdle+body shaper top, but because the body shaper slims my tummy and the girdle lifts my butt, it just makes my bontot even more “jet/jack” (how do u spell this word?) macam Nicki Minaj. A bit too obscene. That’s why I really love the one piece body dress. I also tried a body suit from Sorella, but it’s the kind yang you have to enter the body suit (macam baju wrestler) from the top, as if you nak pakai seluar, and my big hips cannot even masok! So I will need something that you can wear it like a cardigan first before hooking everything from the front. My budget is about $150.

Please help!!!

Wedding Bites: Updates

I have been trying to write my Marriage Bites entry series once a month and when I was writing the previous one, I realised that it might be the second or third last entry before the wedding! Time flies~

Anyway, since I am free now, thought I would write some updates cos ever since we started counting down from the 100 days mark, wedding preparation has been going all out hardcore full steam. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: Updates”

Marriage Bites #7: How would you prepare for a marriage?

I have been thinking about this for quite awhile now, specifically, since around the time I attended the first WTB sharing session about two years ago. That sharing session was really insightful and quite an eye-opener to me, because I had not thought much about marriage before that. But meeting the other WTBs was quite a blessing.


To be honest, H and me have always thought that we were emotionally prepared for marriage. Afterall, we have been very deeply in love for years and the only thing that stopped us from getting married any earlier is financial. Well Continue reading “Marriage Bites #7: How would you prepare for a marriage?”

Wedding Bites: ROMM Interview

Quick check on the countdown: 89 more days!

Just thought I should write a quick update since it’s still fresh in my mind and since my period cramps are giving me no mood to do anything else other than to sleep, but now dah nak dekat maghrib so tak boleh tido.

We just went for the ROMM interview today! I took a half day leave and left my opis at noon. We decided to go in the afternoon since H was working night shift last night.

The afternoon time slot for ROMM interview is 2-3.30pm. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: ROMM Interview”