Wedding Bites: BridesMinahs + GroomsMats #1

First of all, thank you again to everyone who have commented on my post about whether to have bridesmaids or not. Your input have definitely influenced our decision.o-BRIDESMAIDS-GROOMSMEN-facebook.jpg

So yes, we are going to have a team of bridesMinahs and groomsMats! I choose those terms just for our own amusement because H and I used to make fun of each other about being such a mat and minah back in JC.

I am having 3 minahs, while H is having 4 mats. My 3 minahs are all my JC friends. Well, 2 of them technically went to poly eventually, but we met at our JC’s PAE programme. I chose them because of the long friendship and because all of us, including H, got to know each other at the same time, way before H and I were anywhere near the romantic stage. So it’s quite important and sentimental to me that we have all been mutual friends and seen each other grow and witnessed the friendship between H and me blossomed.

H’s mats are his uni friends. He actually has a bunch of 9 close guy friends in uni and I was worried he was going to engage all 9 as his groomsmen. But luckily, he picked the 4 closest ones, since it is quite difficult for him to reduce to 3. Anyway, I think it is not important to balance out the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen just for the sake of nice photos. Our priority for wedding planning from the start has always been practicality. Sometimes, less is more.

Back in May, I randomly participated in this giveaway on instagram by @berkatfg because I saw my friend reposting the giveaway poster. Alhamdulillah, I actually won 3 sets of bridesmaids packages, even though I have not decided at that time yet how many bridesmaids I was going to engage. So since I got 3 sets, 3 bridesmaids it is! Hehe. Thank you, @berkatfg! The packages come in a cardboard box with ribbons. I made that pink proposal label myself.Bridesminah package.jpeg

Each package contains cute little essential items like a sling purse which is pretty enough to be a bridesmaid purse, mints, eternity bracelet, tissue, VS lotion and body mist, and even a customised bridesmaid badge. Yup, the boss of @berkatfg actually DM-ed me beforehand to ask what kind of design I want for the badge, and she designed one for me! Of course, I requested for something like a henna design hehe. Anyway, since it was a busy period that time, I only managed to pass the packages to my minahs in July or August, some time after raya.

A few weeks ago, we also finally managed to find time to go kain hunting! Knowing my minahs, they all have different tastes in fashion, so I did not impose on them to wear exactly the same outfits. I also don’t really like being told what or what not to wear, so I told them, just choose anything that you will wear again in future. I have heard of plenty of bridesmaids who end up not wearing their bridesmaids outfits again after the wedding, which I find very very kesian and wasteful. Afterall, the outfit is a gift from the bride and I would love to accumulate pahala each time my minahs rewear that outfit. (Remember, practicality over everything else) I was actually totally fine if my minahs all wear very contrasting and different outfits as long as it is something to their liking, but I think it would look a bit funny, so we went for a same-same-but-different kind of theme, and we settled on a burgundy lining for all 3 minahs, but each has different lace designs.

As for the guys, as usual they kadang-kadang ada lagging sikit, so I think they are only going to hunt for their groomsmen outfits next week. Also, they don’t need to hunt for kain to send for tailoring, so it’s easier for them.

Now that outfits are more or less settled, it is time to sit down and have a serious discussion about the whole event itinerary and everyone’s roles and responsibilites. I have gone through most of it with my minahs, but we have yet to have a combined meeting with the mats.

Here’s where I need help from my awesome readers again. My minahs and his mats do not know each other and have not met at all. We are planning to have our first combined meeting soon, but how do you all introduce them and get them to break the ice? Ice-breaking reminds me of those camp games, but of course we can’t possibly play lame games right hahaha. We are also going to create the combined whatsapp group soon. What kind of setting is good for a first meet up to relieve some awkwardness and shyness? Food is always a good aspect to bring people together. If anyone have any other suggestions, please throw them in, as usual!


4 thoughts on “Wedding Bites: BridesMinahs + GroomsMats #1”

  1. Interesting question and one I’m facing too. For us, we’re having a combined dinner about a few weeks prior to the wedding where we go over the itinerary, everyone’s duties for the day and any other important wedding details. A lot of people were surprised we’re cutting it so close to the wedding but takut if we brief too early, they may forget ah. Good luck!

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    1. Hahah true that. I have spoken to my bridesmaids about my tentative itinerary and their roles also, but I’m sure they have forgotten everything already hahah. Anyway, I thought it would be good for me to start early because I am the first child and one of the first among my group of friends to get married. So I don’t have much first hand experience. As I am planning everything, I also seek feedback and advice from my bridesmaids about their sisters’ weddings since they have more first hand experience. Anyway, if you don’t mind sharing, what kind of place or restaurant did you have your combined dinner and meeting with your bridesmaids and groomsmen?


      1. I haven’t had it yet, but we’ll probably do something low key and not too expensive (the closer it comes to the wedding, the more horrifying our bank accounts) like some cafe in Arab St or something (skali we can only afford Simpang Bedok eh hahahaha). We’ll probably throw our orang kuat a nice dinner after the wedding to thank them – that’s where we’ll plan for a nicer place.

        If you’re looking for locations, how about Fika, The Malayan Council or Kaw Kaw? Their food is quite nice and I think they can accommodate a larger group if you call ahead.


      2. Ah ok thanks for the suggestions. Im considering Arab Street cafes also, but then im a bit worried that they might be a bit noisy especially if there are rowdy diners around lol. I might be thinking of having a potluck picnic instead at gardens by the bay or something.


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