Wedding Bites: Updates

I have been trying to write my Marriage Bites entry series once a month and when I was writing the previous one, I realised that it might be the second or third last entry before the wedding! Time flies~

Anyway, since I am free now, thought I would write some updates cos ever since we started counting down from the 100 days mark, wedding preparation has been going all out hardcore full steam.

1. Invitation Cards + Envelopes

Both H and my cards were designed by my friend, Z. She has never designed a wedding invitation card before, but one day she mentioned that she would like to try designing cards, so I thought ok why not we just let this be her first project. She did not quote any price for her charges, but since she designed my card, H’s card, my bus stop signage poster, my entrance poster and a “Thank You” design for my berkat sticker label, we gave her some cash as a token of appreciation. Then we brought the pdf files to a printing shop in Tampines to have them printed. The envelopes, H’s mum managed to find a cheap source at Kaki Bukit who sells them at an average price of about 6-7cents per piece for a total of 1000 pieces. One funny thing that happened was, three days after our cards were printed, I realised that the pdf design that I printed for my card, was not the latest draft. HAHAHAHA *facepalm* Thank god the details were all okay, cuma it’s missing our hashtag and an ayat from Surah Ar-Rum (yup, THAT ayat), so no way I am getting 250 pieces reprinted. Now just waiting for December before I start asking all my friends out for a meal to give out the cards.

2. Outfit Selection

We managed to settle our made-to-measure nikah outfits during this appointment. But unfortunately, our two new sanding outfits were not even ready yet for us to view and to do fitting. To be honest, I am already slightly annoyed and disappointed with our bridal because so far, majority of our expectations of all our appointments were not met. There was also a minor hiccup with our photographer/videographer vendor. I am already starting to regret taking an all-in-one wedding package. But I guess I shouldn’t judge too much before the actual day itself. Hopefully everything goes well.

3. The “H” Word: Hantaran

Way back before our engagement, there were some arguments between H, me and our parents about hantaran. It’s basically about the amount, whether to display/declare it, and how to display it. We eventually settled on a solution. But just a few weeks ago, my parents who had initially insisted to display the hantaran, had a change of heart. Now they told us that we do not have to display it if we don’t want to. This was a huge sigh of relief for me and H because we did not want to have hantaran in the first place, what more to show it to the whole world. The only problem is, we have already indicated the amount of our hantaran during ROMM registration and it is going to be shown on the marriage cert. So we are currently in a dilemma on whether to change it to “NIL” or not. Because making changes to your ROMM application costs $15 each time. I consulted my WTB girls, and they all asked us to keep our 15 bucks because at the end of the day, cert tu buat simpan dalam laci je. We still have some time to think about this cos right now, H is keen on forking out 15 bucks to remove it.

4. Wedding Gifts + Sirih Dara

There are some changes to our dulang items as well. We initially wanted to exchange 5 each but both our mums want to also contribute some items on top of the 5 dulangs. Since the plan about displaying the hantaran has changed. we decided to remove all materialistic items from the dulangs totally. Thank god H managed to talk his mum out of displaying the handbag she bought for me. It was not easy to convince our parents not to display ‘wealth’ in order to maximise the blessings of the nikah, cos to us there is really nothing to be proud of. This reduces our number of dulangs to 3 each, excluding cake/macaroons and a fruit hamper. And have I mentioned, my sirih dara is ready! Cos mum made it using artificial sirih and flowers, duh. Now we are just storing it in a box so that it doesn’t get dusty.

5. Berkats

I ordered 480 pieces of sejadah for our berkat and the supplier has delivered 400 pieces to us this week. The remaining 80 will be sent next month insyaAllah. It wasn’t easy trying to source for a cheap supplier of mini sejadah. Alhamdulillah, the price that I got was much lower than most suppliers I found and I highly recommend ordering from this person. She also has a few other berkat options. My bridesminahs will be coming over to help pack them into organza bags next Sunday. This will be a good time for them to bond with my mum as well, since they haven’t come to my house ever since I asked them to be my bridesminahs.

6. Groomsmat + Bridesminah Meeting

We finally had our combined groomsmat and bridesminah meeting for the first time yesterday at our new favourite lepak place. We basically briefed them about our itinerary and their roles and responsibilites and shared our google drive folder with them. I find it a little intensive for a first meeting, but since it’s still a little early, we will definitely have a second/final meeting closer to the wedding day. As of now, we assigned a few tasks to them like doing up song playlists, sourcing for my second bridal bouquet and brainstorming for guestbook ideas. I think it went pretty well, though. Not as awkward as I expected hahaha.

Countdown check: 69 days left. That’s 10 weeks!


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