SOS: Bridal corset/body shaper

Hi girls, need some help and advice about looking for a corset/body shaper. I just made a visit to Triumph and I really love their body dress. The only problem is, it’s freaking $269! I should have gone to their expo sale last weekend urgh. Does anyone have any other recommendations or know of other brands who sell cheaper ones?

I am considered small-sized overall, with an oversized bum and I’m quite boncet too. I tried the two piece girdle+body shaper top, but because the body shaper slims my tummy and the girdle lifts my butt, it just makes my bontot even more “jet/jack” (how do u spell this word?) macam Nicki Minaj. A bit too obscene. That’s why I really love the one piece body dress. I also tried a body suit from Sorella, but it’s the kind yang you have to enter the body suit (macam baju wrestler) from the top, as if you nak pakai seluar, and my big hips cannot even masok! So I will need something that you can wear it like a cardigan first before hooking everything from the front. My budget is about $150.

Please help!!!


13 thoughts on “SOS: Bridal corset/body shaper”

  1. Bought my corset from Metro CWP, less then $30! But i tak ingat the brand. Da buang pon lepas kawin last week. Hahahaha! Not bad ah the corset. My body & booty shaper are from Uniqlo! Less then $30 also for each. Yang ini tak buang, can reuse next time because it’s super comfy. 😄


  2. Hey babe, didn’t see this earlier but I hope I’m in the nick of time before you buy anything. I was in the exact same predicament as you except I went ahead and got the Triumph $269 bodysuit. I think they have a promotion where if you pay full price for 2 items, you get the third one for free – which means I paid $320 for matching bra ($169) and panties ($49) or something like that. But you have to sign up for membership on the spot in order to get the $130 discount – I can’t really remember, you can just ask one of the salesgirls.

    Problem is, when I wore it for my outfit selection, I was told that it was firstly, the wrong type of corset and secondly, it was in the wrong colour – I had chosen lavender which I had thought blends better against my tan skin compared to their nude (which is like angmoh nude). Please please please check with your MUA before you make any purchase so that they can advise you accordingly.

    In the end, I went back to the Triumph expo sale and got a strapless bra, a waist corset and a girdle (my MUA said to get Triumph because it is the sturdiest and won’t roll up – I also have heavy duty booty problems) – all 3 cost me $90 at the Expo sale (so cheap!!!!!)

    This was a painful lesson for me and I hope I can save some BTBs out there from making costly mistakes when we need money the most. 😭


    1. Alamak I just saw this! Somehow your comment didn’t make it to my notifications. I actually just bought a Triumph corset at Changi City Point. It’s slightly cheaper there cos most shops at Changi City Point are “factory outlets”, although some of their regular items like the $269 body dress was not available there. The corset I got was supposed to be 2 for $90, but I only need one, so the salesgirl agreed to sell it to me for $45. I’m still thinking about whether I really need a girdle. I didn’t think about asking my MUA, but when I met her a month ago to discuss about my MTM nikah outfit, I mentioned briefly that I’m thinking of wearing a corset, and she didn’t really make much comment about it. Macam tak kisah je.. Hopefully the corset that I bought is okay.

      Anyway, how come yours is the wrong type of corset eh? Is it because when you sit down, it tends to bulge at the tummy or something?


  3. I bought mine firstly from taka when they were having sales about $50++. But then after using it for some fittings I find that it doesn’t keep my boncit flat. I didn’t want to splurge more, so I tries purchasing from shopee(its an app) for less than $15 bucks tk salah. It’s the best decision ever. Its comfortable yet kept my stomach flat all the time.


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