Bride’s Bites: 11 more days

Decided to write this while I’m in the mrt because these few days, I simply have no time to do anything other than planning for the wedding and honeymoon. It’s been batshit crazy busy. Can’t believe I’m getting married next weekend!

Anyway, today marks our first engagement anniversary yay! 10 days ago, we also celebrated our 8 years of courtship. H actually surprised me with the most perfectly romantic picnic set up ever. It was all by @picneeds, of course. I couldn’t get over how lovely it was. To be honest, I kinda predicted it. I actually wanted to book picneeds last year for his birthday, but they were fully booked. I had been looking through all their pretty works but the one that was done for me, is one of the best!

Last weekend, we had a final meeting with our GroomsMats and BridesMinahs. We recce-ed three different locations that we’ll be covering for the wedding. H and I also managed to run errands the whole day last Sunday. Super productive, but super tiring. #wheregottimeforpantang

I was just telling H that my feelings about this wedding have been evolving over the weeks/months. First I was dreading it, then I got a bit more excited and tried to put more effort, then I was back to feeling like I can’t wait for it to be over, and right now I’m just more or less on tawakkal mode.

Most of the other little little stuffs are settled. Only left with finalizing the itinerary and sending them out to the vendors, and playlists! There’s also a little bit of honeymoon booking to do and packing. Then we’re ready to kahwin!


2 thoughts on “Bride’s Bites: 11 more days”

  1. At this time next week, you would have been married alreaady (‘: masha allah!

    I read in your previous post that you’ve been feeling anxious or “losing your chill” haha. Long time ago I was looking for tips on how to calm oneself down from this kind of feeling. And one of the tips was to practice repeating a mantra. Can be something simple like “Ommmm” or just repeating “I can do this, I can do this.” until you internalize it.

    And in Islam, we have something exactly the same – dzikr. You can just repeat a simple dzikr (the simplest one I think is subhanallah x 100) and not only does it help calm you down (during this last lap and also on the day itself), you get rewards for doing it. (: Just thought I would share that little tip with you.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all your wedding updates, I think you’re really good in expressing how you feel, whether it’s anxious, or excited, or confused .. when I try writing these kinds of posts it just seems like I’m just stating facts haha x: Looking forward to more of your posts on life after the wedding (‘: all the best for your big day, I’m feeling really really excited for you ahaha (‘:

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