100 days of marriage!

I just realised that the frequency of my posts has been reduced to one a month since the month I got married ya Allah what is this!

Anyway, so much has happened and I haven’t been able to take a breather yet. Since I’m squeezing in time to write this post, it shall be point-form until I have time to write a proper post, which is dunno when. Hahaha

  1. March: Treated our bridesminah and groomsmat to a seafood lunch at a kelong.
  2. March: Had our first staycay on my birthday weekend at Village Hotel Changi.
  3. April: Second honeymoon – Batam aje. Hahahaha.
  4. April: Applied for a rental house to HDB through the PPHS scheme and got ourselves a little 3-room flat within 3 weeks!
  5. May: Moved out of my in-laws and shifted to our new rental flat.
  6. May: Finally tried sugaring lol
  7. May: Applied for a health insurance for myself and topping up my parents’ insurance with riders.
  8. May: Attended a wedding (3 weddings in one day actually!) for the first time as a married couple.
  9. May: Going to attend our first meeting with an ID company this weekend insyaAllah.

So yesterday was our 100th courtship monthsary. Coincidentally, it also happened to be our 100th day of marriage! That’s quite a milestone. We had planned to go out on a date almost the whole day. But after eating 3 wedding food last Saturday, I woke up with mild diarrhoea on Sunday morning. All plans down the drain. We ended up spending the whole day at home in our PJs instead, watching movies and eating junk food. Nowadays, staying home can feel nicer than going out. Either age is catching up, or this is just the reality of married life. Don’t need to go out to go dating anymore. Can just dating on the bed. HAHAHAHA


6 thoughts on “100 days of marriage!”

    1. The whole block is rental flats, but whether they are all under PPHS or mixed with the other scheme, I’m not sure. Cos the block memang dah nak roboh in 2-3 years’ time, for SERS. The monthly rental just went down recently. Ours is $600/month for a 3room flat. It is completely vacant and unfurnished, so no choice, need to buy all furniture and appliances from scratch.


      1. ooh, the rent is not bad methinks! and aw ok, not such a bad arrangement if you can bring the furniture and appliances over to your own place once ready 😊 best kan having your own space! hee.


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