Wedding Bites: Vendor Reviews

Bridal, Decor & Catering: LAB Bridal.


This is actually my least favourite vendor. The bridal part was okay. I love the gold maroon songket and blue dress, but the make up could be better. My MTM nikah dress turned out nicer than I expected. Mak andam service was good, cos she was quite fierce. I like fierce. A little intimidating, but she was nice to work with. The pak andam, on the other hand, was this very young and vain chap who cared more about his own appearance a little too much. Tak ada hair spray sendiri la, hair brush la, sponge lah. Semua kene mintak mak andam aku jugak.. -.- Decor was okay, if you are not cerewet. I was a little pissed because I asked for hot pink and silver decor. The wedding planner even confirmed with me “fuchsia pink, kan?”. But on the actual day, it turned out baby pink instead. Anyone close to me knows that I like bold colours and I hate pastels or light colours. Anyway, I couldn’t really be bothered to raise my concerns so I let it go. Food was decent too. Not very wow, but not too bad either. Or maybe I was just hungry on that day. Oh wells. The food that my mum ordered for Friday night was great though. I love the ayam lemak cili padi. Anyway I chose this vendor because I have rented my JC prom outfit from them before, back in 2009. So I thought since we’ve met and worked together before and their prices are not bad, why not kan.. Wrong decision. No major hiccups, but I wouldn’t recommend them.


Photography & Videography: AD Photographyz & Ink Motion


Photo and video was part of our all-in-one package. We were given 2-3 choices of photographer-videographer teams to work with, so we chose AD photographyz and Ink Motion. The bosses of each companies are cousins, so they work very well together. In fact, they were very pleasant to work with and they seem to click really well with our bridesminahs and groomsmats. I could tell they had a lot of fun together throughout the whole 2 days. The photos and videos turned out good too. Video was nicer. Photos were not super fantastic, but decent quality. There were a number of shots with like photographer/videographer termasok frame, but again, we are not very cerewet, so it’s quite okay. They were quite punctual with the delivery of photos and videos too, if not for some minor hiccups post-wedding.


Bridal Henna: Fauzella Artistry


As a henna artist myself, I know for sure that Kak Fau is one of the best henna artist in Singapore. To me, she is my henna idol. I just know I NEED to have her do my bridal henna from the first time I come across her works. Needless to say, it was a dream come true.  My bridal henna was absolutely PERFECT. The design, the flawlessness of her work, the stain. Omgosh THE STAIN! If you know the theory behind how henna stains the skin, it is all due to the lawsonia content of the henna powder. Kak Fau has declared that the lawsonia content of her henna powder is the highest in the world, that she know of. Yup, she compared it with many other brands of henna powder. Even though her price is more to the high side, it was totally worth it.


Entertainment: DJ Inspirasi


This was recommended by mum because she came across DJ Inspirasi through somewhere. They are known for providing their services in venues like masjids. Their concept is more Islamically-inclined. No karaoke, very soft and soothing music, yet still lively and celebratory and they only play musics with good lyrics only, without reference to anything haram or not too Islam-friendly. They were quite strict like that. The boss is Ustaz Nor Muhammad, though he doesn’t seem to go down to the venue to provide DJ service on his own anymore. He gets his own staff to do it. I requested for a few of my personal favourite English songs to be included in their playlist. Out of the 20 songs I submitted, they only approved like 2-3 of it. Probably due to lyrics that has reference to  (non-halal) physical touch or whatever. Anyway, on the day itself, the DJ was a little too soft. I could barely hear his voice. I think he’s a little shy, and not that outspoken. He did recite a few dua for us after my entrance, and helped to announce names of guests to assist in the photo-taking. But because the itinerary already went off-track, he didn’t attempt to make sure that anything on the itinerary was missed out, like our wedding speech. Yup, we actually missed the wedding speech. But it’s okay. The songs they played were really nice too. They actually have a few English mainstream love songs, which were covered by other singers and the lyrics were tweaked to have more Islam references in them. Which turned out really nice, actually. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with their service, but the DJ needs to speak up more.


Doorgift: Oleholehsrikandi


We ordered about 480 pieces of mini sejadah from Oleholehsrikandi (on carousell). Price was affordable, there were so many different designs and colours too. Probably 10. She also prints and paste the “thank you” stickers on each packed sejadah. Although her designs were quite limited, I got my friend to do a customised design for me, and the seller just printed them for me. Very fuss free, not much to say about this seller. I love it.


Kompang: Brader’s Kompang


Overall, decent kompang and qasidah performances. Considering they are still a new group, I would say it is pretty good if you are not that cerewet. Price is more to the cheaper side too, so it was worth it.


I know almost all my reviews here are like “good enough if you are not cerewet” hahaha. Cos I memang malas nak put up my cerewet self when it comes to wedding. Comment here if you want to find out more about any of the vendors listed above. I will be happy to provide a more detailed description of each of them. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Wedding Bites: Vendor Reviews”

  1. oh nooo how did the DJ miss the wedding speech?! Okay lah but sounds like everything turned out fine despite everything, so… congrats again!


    1. Cos my entrance was already like half an hour to 45 minutes late. By then, the whole itinerary dah macam just go with flow aje hahaha. I also only realised that we didn’t make our speech after the event ended, and no one reminded us. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your berkat tho. I wanted to ask you when you get them sampai terlupa lupa. HEHEHE. Alhamdulillah for the ease of your majlis! You can always sanding another time (with the same man of course. Hahah!) 😛

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