Family Research

Although H and I are obviously taking our own sweet time to start a family, we have been low-key doing our own research to find out how life will be like when we have a kid. Every family and couple is different, but we have been trying to talk to as many people as possible, ask them as many questions as possible, stalk them on social media as much as possible etc just to find out how life has changed in terms of finance, husband-and-wife dynamics, living arrangements, childcare arrangements, when pregnancy/baby happens.  Just in case.

So far, it’s pretty scary.

One of the things we always talk about when discussing about the future is whether I am going to continue working, or quit my job and stay at home. Thankfully, H does not really expect me to be a housewife, but prefers me to have an ambition career-wise and to be able to work towards my goal. Continue reading “Family Research”

Surprise Birthday Trip!

I booked H’s surprise birthday trip since September and I’m so relieved everything went well. The surprise was a success! I have always loved planning big birthdays, and especially now that we dah halal and all, can do more halal things for birthdays right? *wink wink* Like going on holidays together. Continue reading “Surprise Birthday Trip!”