How we found out + Umrah trip

(I have been referring to my husband as H in this blog, but I have referring to him as bf in all my social media. So to avoid confusion for myself, I shall just consolidate it as bf. Ok bye.)

We were scheduled to depart for our umrah trip on the first day of CNY. A crucial part of the plan is to make sure that my period will not coincide with the trip at all. (I would take medication to delay my period if I have to, but it would be awesome if I didn’t have to.) For months, I monitored my period and everything was going really well. Until February came.

Bf and I shifted to our new BTO on 4 Feb, which was our wedding anniversary. I was spotting then (cos that’s how it always starts, not a sudden bloody waterfall). So I thought yay my period is coming and it will end right before our trip on the 16th, just nice! But…the very light flow suddenly just stopped. There was no bloody show, or nothing even as close to a heavy flow. Why is it taking forever to bleed properly? What if my period is late and comes during my umrah? What if I don’t get to do my umrah and wasted the trip for nothing?

For 1 and a half weeks leading to our flight, I was so worried like mad. The only possibility that I could think of was, what if I was pregnant? I also hesitated going to the clinic to get medication to delay my period because I kept thinking it should be coming soon. Luckily I didn’t go at all! Reluctantly, I took a pregnancy test 5 days before the departure and true enough, it was positive even though I took it at night instead of the morning pee! Bf was there with me in the toilet. Needless to say, it took us by surprise. But since it was still fresh and fragile, I was also worried that the pregnancy would affect my umrah, or worse, vice versa!

The next day, for some reason my right foot was in extreme pain and I was limping. So I took MC and got the doctor to confirm the pregnancy at the same time via a blood test. And it was a double confirm!

(I googled and later found out that the spotting/light bleeding I had was actually implantation bleeding, which is common.)

We told the pegawai umrah and she advised us to see a gynae asap before the trip. But we didn’t because by then it was already 4 days left to the trip and most clinics would close on CNY eve anyway. Alhamdulillah, I felt fine most of the time during our trip. The nausea only started towards the end and it was very mild and manageable. I ate a lot, but it was because we walked a lot.

Bf was being protective, especially in crowded places. If not for his help, we wouldn’t have been able to enter the Hijr Ismail twice. Raudhah was also very overwhelming, but alhamdulillah all is well. We even managed to climb up Jabal Nur to enter gua Hira together. It was tiring and very crowded, but luckily my nausea was under control. Overall, we were satisfied with the whole trip and we’ll be sure to tell our child stories of our Umrah journey while he/she’s still a tiny bloodclot in my womb.


Natural Birth Workshop

H and I just got back from a full day Natural Birth Workshop by Love At Birth today. Alhamdulillah it was sooooo insightful for a clueless couple like us. It was so packed with information, we felt quite overwhelmed but empowered. Even with my own apps and reading articles after articles, there were still a lot of new things I learned which I have never heard of before.

To be honest, we were both quite skeptical prior to the class because obviously there were no such thing as birth classes last time but we all were born and turned out just fine any way. But the workshop made us understand why natural birth is strongly advocated and how it’s beneficial for mothers and babies.

The workshop was conducted by Doulas Nur and Aza, who both have 4 kids each. They shared their birth stories for all 8 births in detail, which were all so diverse. The syllabus mainly covered ancient births, routine birth interventions in Singapore hospitals, managing contractions, excercises, nutrition, the stages of labour, writing birth plans, and knowing our rights as patients. There were also plenty of interactive activities like trying out yoga poses and excercises, getting the husband involved in managing the labour pains, giving birth to a pingpong ball from a balloon, using a long shawl (I forgot the proper name of that cloth) to do hip squeezes and support the bump at later stages of labour and we also got to do green juicing.

It helps that they also know the protocols and policies of certain doctors and hospitals too. So much so that H and I are actually considering to change our gynae and hospital right now. There was only one other couple who attended the class with us today, who is also taking the same gynae and hospital. Seems like they are also inclined to change their gynae even though they are already in their 3rd trimester!

We actually thought it was still early to attend this kind of workshop since we are only 16 weeks pregnant right now. I thought it might be better to only go for the class when we are closer to the EDD because we worried that we would forget all the information. But we are soooo grateful we went ahead with it today because at least now we still have time to make a decision. We also haven’t signed for any prenatal packages yet, so that’s another bonus.

Some of the things that made us reconsider our choices is that apparently PEH charges patients who have birth plans and has a standard policy to conduct episiotomy for first time mums (FTMs). We also heard some negative reviews about our current gynae. Although we should probably investigate further to verify these information, there are too many good reviews about NUH that make us want to strongly consider it as our alternative choice of hospital for now. Luckily, our next appointment is about 3 weeks from now. So we have some time to do more research and decide if we really want to go ahead with the change. Overall, we are really satisfied with the workshop and I’m so glad to be able attend it with H. 🙂

Be Careful What You Wish For


On 29 January, I tweeted how my ig timeline is like 99% about babies (k exaggeration). People with kids keep posting pics of their kids. But people without kids are also posting pics of their nieces/nephews. And I tweeted that I wish I also had a niece/nephew to play with, since at this age, most of my friends are already starting to have nieces and nephews. But bf and I are the first child so there’s no chance of that happening any time soon.

2 weeks later, we discovered that I’m pregnant. Hah. Continue reading “Be Careful What You Wish For”

House Bites: First Anniversary and First Thoughts on the First Day

Alhamdulillah we have moved in yesterday on our anniversary! Both our families were involved with the move including a few of H’s cousins. One of his aunt who stays nearby came over too. My parents-in-law ordered nasi bungkus, my parents bought drinks and mum made us pulut kuning and ordered a Polar cake with our photo on it to celebrate our anniversary! H also got my sisters-in-law to buy some helium balloons lol.

It was quite a hectic day because there were also many deliveries. Fridge, washing machine, TV console, coffee table, wall mounting for the TV and installation of bed frame. Since FIL is the more tech savvy guy around, we got his help and advice with setting up the WiFi and TV+soundbar too. Managed to put the router on the TV console but my wifi connection from the master bedroom is almost non-existent, so we need to blast it further somehow. By yesterday evening before bedtime, we managed to unpack like 20% of our stuff. Not bad lah hor, considering we are both working today lolz.

My first thoughts? Wow rumah besar nak kemas leceh ni. Suddenly got so many windows to open/close, Continue reading “House Bites: First Anniversary and First Thoughts on the First Day”

House Bites: Reno Journey

My reno is already like 80% completed, and I feel like I should have started blogging about this earlier, but the truth is, I don’t really know what or how to blog about this lol. At this point of time, if all goes well, we will be moving into our new home this Sunday insyaAllah.

When we got our keys on 19 Dec, we immediately told our ID that we are on a very tight timeline because 1) we are living in a rental flat, so time is money; 2) we are going overseas on CNY for 1.5 weeks, so we need to move in before we fly off because if we don’t, then we will be leaving our rental flat empty which is just a waste of rental money, so might as well faster move to Bedok.

The good news is, apparently we are not doing much works for our reno. Well it looks like a lot of works to us, but according to our ID, it’s not that much, so the timeline is quite manageable. But despite that, the reno will NOT be 100% completed by the time we move in this Sunday.

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