Marriage Bites #9: How would you make your marriage work and keep it alive?

This space is so dusty now. End of December and early January has been busier than expected. So much for focusing on getting all the me-time I can get in January. Let’s get to my second last #MarriageBites entry shall we!

This question reminds me of Gary Chapman, specifically The 5 Love Languages and his explanation about how humans all have a love tank which wants to be filled. Thinking back about that book I read and to our Pre-marriage course, I guess H and I are pretty lucky cos we discovered that we have the same love language: Quality Time. Continue reading “Marriage Bites #9: How would you make your marriage work and keep it alive?”

Marriage Bites #8: Why did you choose to marry your partner?

It’s December, the last month of 2016! 2017 is just around the corner and before we know it, I am someone’s wife. Speaking of that someone, this month’s #MarriageBites issue is about him. A little warning: it’s going to be mushy.

Way before I started dating, I admit that my choice of men have always been influenced by Bollywood.

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Marriage Bites #7: How would you prepare for a marriage?

I have been thinking about this for quite awhile now, specifically, since around the time I attended the first WTB sharing session about two years ago. That sharing session was really insightful and quite an eye-opener to me, because I had not thought much about marriage before that. But meeting the other WTBs was quite a blessing.


To be honest, H and me have always thought that we were emotionally prepared for marriage. Afterall, we have been very deeply in love for years and the only thing that stopped us from getting married any earlier is financial. Well Continue reading “Marriage Bites #7: How would you prepare for a marriage?”

Marriage Bites #6: Husband > Wife

Every couple going through this phase has one or more fear or worry about what the future holds for them in marriage life after nikah. I have talked about my fears and insecurities many times with H and he has shared some of his with me too. Most of the time, we talk about it to get some assurance. But sometimes, we share them to find solutions together, or just to let each other know that we are going through this together. Continue reading “Marriage Bites #6: Husband > Wife”

Wedding Bites: Pre-marriage Course

IMG_20161016_221132.jpgLast weekend, H and I attended a course by AoM (you know which one I’m talking about). To be honest, I admit I didn’t research much about which organiser is good and which is not. I chose AoM simply because I heard a lot of good reviews about it that I didn’t bother researching about the rest, because the syllabus is standardised anyway right? Wrong. The whole course was conducted by only one trainer, who is not an asatizah. Let’s call her N. We were seated in groups of 3 couples per table, and each of us are given a folder and a few notebooks with the whole syllabus in them. Lunch and 2 tea breaks for both days were provided. Throughout the whole course, we were given some activities to aid in the lesson as well as case studies to discuss among our group members and come up with solutions. I will try to elaborate as detailed as possible here, since pre-marriage course is not something that a lot of BTBs blog about thoroughly. So this is going to be a super long entry.

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