House Bites #4: The Chosen One

H and I actually met up with 5 different IDs. I didn’t mention the 5th one in the last #HouseBites post, but we were not very impressed with him so whatever. We shortlisted 3 main IDs, which were MA Concept, Urban Design and Bestform. I was really leaning towards MA and Bestform. But we eventually decided on Urban Design mainly because they offered the lowest quotation. Adding on to the fact that they are reputable and have a Case Trust award thingy, we figured they are trustworthy.

Even though I didn’t have the best or most fantastic first impression of T, he’s actually not that bad afterall. H likes that T is not pushy at all, so we decided to sign when we looked at the quotation for the second time, after the first revision. On that same day, T asked us to select materials for the carpentry works (kitchen cabinet, built-in wardrobe and vanity counter in the master bedroom) for the first draft of the 3D drawing. This is meant to be a rough selection only, and not the actual material selection because 3D drawing will definitely need a few revisions. So far, it looks not bad. There were a few mistakes or details left out. We just made an appointment with T again to make some changes to our design.

Since our flat is from SBF exercise, we were given an open-concept kitchen with no partition wall cos we didn’t have a choice. So one of the things we decided to do was a kitchen counter top or bar top thingy to separate the kitchen from the living/dining room. After looking at the first 3D drawing, somehow the design looks a bit funny so we might change it slightly.

The works we are doing is quite minimal. Basically kitchen cabinet, built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom, shower screen in the common toilet, bathtub in the master toilet and vanity counter in the master toilet. Yes, I know you all are thinking “bathtub?! can fit in BTO toilet meh??”. Well somehow our toilet has an elongated dimension which may fit a bathtub. I am small and short also anyway, so we don’t need a huge or spacious tub. And H is quite alright with it as long as I am happy hehe. BUT, when we collect the keys later on and see the actual size of the toilet/tub and if it turns out that we might not be able to fit the tub, I am still open to trashing that idea. (Mentally preparing myself so that I don’t have a meltdown when the actual disappointment comes) We are leaving the rest of the house untouched for now. Not even false ceiling or feature wall or TV console because we discovered that it’s not really necessary. Last time, false ceiling/cornice are used to hide ugly wires in old flats. Apparently nowadays BTO can conceal wires inside the wall/ceiling with cement. So actually false ceiling for BTO is just for design purpose and to make it look nice, especially if you decide to install cove lights. And it doesn’t come cheap at all, so we decided not to go with it. For a feature wall, though, I think one useful purpose of it is that you can mount your TV and hide the TV wires in the feature wall. H and me intend to buy a TV console instead of making a built-in one and we were initially ok with just putting the TV on that console instead of mounting it on the wall. But recently, we were discussing the possibility of having cats in the future and we may need to mount the TV after all, just in case the cat(s) might topple our TV or something. Even if the TV is heavy, some cats can be very strong lol. Our built-in wardrobe will be L-shaped because the space given is quite small, for someone who has a lot of clothes and shawls like me hehe.

All that for around $21K for now. There will definitely be adjustments, but hopefully we can keep it below $25K.


Bride’s Bites: Less than 24 hours

Hi ladies. I actually have one more #MarriageBites post to write, but no time already hahha. InsyaAllah in 12 hours time, I would be already awake waiting for my MUA to dress me up in my nikah outfit. I have enjoyed every single moment writing here about this journey as a BTB blogger. Thank you all for directly and indirectly influencing my decisions on how to prepare for this wedding and marriage through your comments and your own posts. Rest assured I will be back writing, but as Wife’s Bites hehehe.

Please make dua for me!

Bride’s Bites: 11 more days

Decided to write this while I’m in the mrt because these few days, I simply have no time to do anything other than planning for the wedding and honeymoon. It’s been batshit crazy busy. Can’t believe I’m getting married next weekend!

Anyway, today marks our first engagement anniversary yay! 10 days ago, we also celebrated our 8 years of courtship. H actually surprised me with the most perfectly romantic picnic set up ever. It was all by @picneeds, of course. I couldn’t get over how lovely it was. To be honest, I kinda predicted it. I actually wanted to book picneeds last year for his birthday, but they were fully booked. I had been looking through all their pretty works but the one that was done for me, is one of the best!

Last weekend, we had a final meeting with our GroomsMats and BridesMinahs. We recce-ed three different locations that we’ll be covering for the wedding. H and I also managed to run errands the whole day last Sunday. Super productive, but super tiring. #wheregottimeforpantang

I was just telling H that my feelings about this wedding have been evolving over the weeks/months. First I was dreading it, then I got a bit more excited and tried to put more effort, then I was back to feeling like I can’t wait for it to be over, and right now I’m just more or less on tawakkal mode.

Most of the other little little stuffs are settled. Only left with finalizing the itinerary and sending them out to the vendors, and playlists! There’s also a little bit of honeymoon booking to do and packing. Then we’re ready to kahwin!

SOS: Bridal corset/body shaper

Hi girls, need some help and advice about looking for a corset/body shaper. I just made a visit to Triumph and I really love their body dress. The only problem is, it’s freaking $269! I should have gone to their expo sale last weekend urgh. Does anyone have any other recommendations or know of other brands who sell cheaper ones?

I am considered small-sized overall, with an oversized bum and I’m quite boncet too. I tried the two piece girdle+body shaper top, but because the body shaper slims my tummy and the girdle lifts my butt, it just makes my bontot even more “jet/jack” (how do u spell this word?) macam Nicki Minaj. A bit too obscene. That’s why I really love the one piece body dress. I also tried a body suit from Sorella, but it’s the kind yang you have to enter the body suit (macam baju wrestler) from the top, as if you nak pakai seluar, and my big hips cannot even masok! So I will need something that you can wear it like a cardigan first before hooking everything from the front. My budget is about $150.

Please help!!!

The Ladies Souq II

Like the previous Ladies Souq, I was glad to be part of the organizing committee for the second event again. This time, it was bigger and there were a lot more things to be done.

Compared to the first Souq, the duration was slightly longer, the number of vendors almost doubled, we had an additional venue to make it bigger, there were more publicity stunts involved, we had more sponsors, the theme was raya and there was a photobooth and a churros live station! Continue reading “The Ladies Souq II”