Wedding Bites: Updates

I have been trying to write my Marriage Bites entry series once a month and when I was writing the previous one, I realised that it might be the second or third last entry before the wedding! Time flies~

Anyway, since I am free now, thought I would write some updates cos ever since we started counting down from the 100 days mark, wedding preparation has been going all out hardcore full steam. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: Updates”


Wedding Bites: BridesMinahs + GroomsMats #1

First of all, thank you again to everyone who have commented on my post about whether to have bridesmaids or not. Your input have definitely influenced our decision.o-BRIDESMAIDS-GROOMSMEN-facebook.jpg

So yes, we are going to have a team of bridesMinahs and groomsMats! I choose those terms just for our own amusement because H and I used to make fun of each other about being such a mat and minah back in JC. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: BridesMinahs + GroomsMats #1”

Wedding Bites: To bridesmaid or not to bridesmaid?

So I have been thinking of this for a while now. Some of my girlfriends have also been asking me if I am going to have bridesmaids or not. Some just assume that I will be having bridesmaids, and ask me how many. Which leads me to the question: Do I really need bridesmaids?

bridesmaids.jpg Continue reading “Wedding Bites: To bridesmaid or not to bridesmaid?”