Wedding Bites: Raya FAQ

Like the previous post, this is long overdue.

Anyway, raya was full of small talks as usual. And since everyone knows that I’m getting married soon, the number one thing that people try to make a conversation with me about, is my wedding. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: Raya FAQ”


Raya Bites #1

This is soooooo long overdue hahaha. Yes, I know syawal is over, but I have been so busy and occupied over the last 2 months. I even planned on writing a Ramadhan Bites #2, but tak ter-blog pulak.

This is officially my last raya as a single lady. Ever since ramadhan started and the thought that I do not have much time left to spend as a singleton has sunk in, I have been trying my best to be fully present in everything I am involved in, and to cherish every moment. Continue reading “Raya Bites #1”