Wedding Bites: Updates

I have been trying to write my Marriage Bites entry series once a month and when I was writing the previous one, I realised that it might be the second or third last entry before the wedding! Time flies~

Anyway, since I am free now, thought I would write some updates cos ever since we started counting down from the 100 days mark, wedding preparation has been going all out hardcore full steam. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: Updates”


Wedding Bites: ROMM Interview

Quick check on the countdown: 89 more days!

Just thought I should write a quick update since it’s still fresh in my mind and since my period cramps are giving me no mood to do anything else other than to sleep, but now dah nak dekat maghrib so tak boleh tido.

We just went for the ROMM interview today! I took a half day leave and left my opis at noon. We decided to go in the afternoon since H was working night shift last night.

The afternoon time slot for ROMM interview is 2-3.30pm. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: ROMM Interview”

Wedding Bites: ROMM Registration

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who have commented on my last post about insurance and getting a financial advisor! I have been asking around about this to everyone I know via whatsapp before writing it on WordPress, but when I had an idea to write a SOS message on this blog, H was very supportive. I knew I can count on the BTB community in WordPress. Hehe. Continue reading “Wedding Bites: ROMM Registration”