Wife’s Bites: Grateful Parents ;)

Just after my last post, H came home last Friday night after meeting his bros and shared with me what they talked about over supper. They were catching up, and H was updating them about things that have been going on in our still relatively new married life. One of the latest updates is that we have chosen an ID and signed the contract! (More on that in a separate post) During the conversation, H’s friends commented on how we had our life “all figured out”.

I mentioned that H and I are one of the first among our friends to get married, get a house etc. But I was taken aback by that comment. No, we are definitely very far from having it “all figured out”. But thanks for saying that out loud. Because it made me realise how ungrateful I was. Amazing how right after I ranted out and complained about my life openly, Allah sends me a message in the form of someone else’s words, to remind me to just be more thankful.

Yes, it may be difficult, but this is His plan for us and His plans are the best. For goodness sake, some of our friends are still struggling to save money to get married and buy a house. Heck, some of my friends are still single and having a hard time looking for a partner and worry for a lonely future. We all have our own struggles and the grass will always look greener on the other side. But sometimes while we are too focused on the negative aspects of our lives, we don’t realise that there are other people who wish they could be in our shoes instead. That comment felt like a slap to my face, but I deserved it and I needed to hear it. Alhamdulillah.

Now back to the main purpose of this post. I am really excited that H and I just became instant parents….. to two very lovely cats!!! Hehehehe. Well, they are technically not our cats. H’s colleague asked for a favour to babysit his 2 cats for about a month or so, because he needs to shift house. H and I have never had any cats before, so we are totally inexperienced. But since we have been contemplating on having a cat for some time, we jumped at this opportunity for a “one month free trial” to experience how it’s like having cats before we decide to get our own cats for real in future! Last Sunday, the owner sent the two kitties to our place together with their basic necessities like food and litter. Alhamdulillah, I am really very happy and excited to be given this temporary amanah. They were born last October, so although they are quite adult-sized already, they are still considered kittens in age. They have been adapting really well. Too well actually. It’s amazes us how manja and attention-seeking they can be. And their playfulness is just mind-blowing. So much for thinking that cats sleep most of the time. They are so freaking active please. Kadang-kadang aku yang penat layan diorang. Initially we were also a little worried because we have never even had one cat, let alone taking care of two. But we realised it’s really great that the 2 cats have each other for company cos if not, they will be super lonely. The two cats are brothers, by the way. When we left for work on Monday morning and left them at home alone, I felt so sad for them and kept missing and thinking about them at work, wondering what they were doing at home. Today is the 6th day they have been with us, and my heart feels so full. I was telling H that having the 2 boys fills up a hole in my heart. Dah macam anak sendiri pulak eh. Hahaha. It’s been good so far. We just need to get used to the new routine of feeding them and keeping their area and litter box clean. But they have also been adapting so well that they are getting more and more daring with climbing and jumping all over the house and disturbing our chores. Thankfully, there are no major damages. Now that we have gotten to know them better, I think we might need to start to impose some sort of control on their behavior and maybe even set some boundaries for them around the house. We even bought for them a new litter box and scratch post. I think it’s very clear to them that H and I dote on them a lot, so I am a bit worried that they might get spoiled and take their freedom for granted.

Cat parents, any advice? πŸ™‚


Wife’s Bites: The Thing About Being The First Child and The First Everything

It’s been a really pleasant 20+ days of ramadhan as husband and wife for the first time, alhamdulillah. Especially now that we are living on our own. Feels really good to be independent, and not rely on parents for food for buka and sahur every day, although it can get tiring because we have to really do everything on our own, including raya preparations. Continue reading “Wife’s Bites: The Thing About Being The First Child and The First Everything”

Wife’s Bites: 5 Things I Learned After 2 Months of Marriage

I will find time to write vendor reviews soon, provided I still remember what happened on my wedding day hahaha. But for now, I feel the need to consistently pen down my thoughts and emotions before it fades or evolve and I forget how I was feeling at each point of time.

Alhamdulillah, now that I have been staying with my husband at my in-laws’ for 6 weeks, we are more ‘settled’ and have established stable daily and weekly routines or schedules. Like we know how often to do laundry, how often to visit my parents, how often to go out on date nights, how often to eat out or eat dinner at home, how to handle our finances etc.

Anyway, here are 5 things I have learned so far from marriage.

  1. Love is a choice, not a feeling.

Continue reading “Wife’s Bites: 5 Things I Learned After 2 Months of Marriage”

Bride’s Bites: 11 more days

Decided to write this while I’m in the mrt because these few days, I simply have no time to do anything other than planning for the wedding and honeymoon. It’s been batshit crazy busy. Can’t believe I’m getting married next weekend!

Anyway, today marks our first engagement anniversary yay! 10 days ago, we also celebrated our 8 years of courtship. H actually surprised me with the most perfectly romantic picnic set up ever. It was all by @picneeds, of course. I couldn’t get over how lovely it was. To be honest, I kinda predicted it. I actually wanted to book picneeds last year for his birthday, but they were fully booked. I had been looking through all their pretty works but the one that was done for me, is one of the best!

Last weekend, we had a final meeting with our GroomsMats and BridesMinahs. We recce-ed three different locations that we’ll be covering for the wedding. H and I also managed to run errands the whole day last Sunday. Super productive, but super tiring. #wheregottimeforpantang

I was just telling H that my feelings about this wedding have been evolving over the weeks/months. First I was dreading it, then I got a bit more excited and tried to put more effort, then I was back to feeling like I can’t wait for it to be over, and right now I’m just more or less on tawakkal mode.

Most of the other little little stuffs are settled. Only left with finalizing the itinerary and sending them out to the vendors, and playlists! There’s also a little bit of honeymoon booking to do and packing. Then we’re ready to kahwin!

Bride’s Bites: The Jitters

Quick check on the countdown shows that we are 22 days away at the point of writing.

Just a few weeks ago, I was thinking about how much more mentel I have become ever since the start of the wedding planning about one year ago. I thought I have become more excited for my wedding. But now, emotions have just gone wild and I’ve been feeling like I am feeling a million different emotions at the same time. It’s just hard to describe, but I’m sure some of you girls can relate. Happy, excited, relieved, exhausted, scared, worried, anxious, sad, can’t-wait-to-get-it-over-and-done-with, regret?, dreadful, in-denial, can-we-just-elope etc. Is this what wedding jitters feel like?

I used to be so chill last time, and I used to tell some of my friends “I think kalau besok aku nikah, I will be ok with it”. I am still pretty much chill now, butΒ it’s slowly evaporating. That’s when I realised that all the waiting and all the time spent for the preparations are actually the cause of me feeling like I’m losing my chill right now. It’s like all those times spent in anticipation eats up so much energy. If I was given two months to prepare for the nikah, I would probably be more relaxed than the current circumstance. And this is only one year, I can’t imagine being engaged for 2-3 years. I would probably turn into a full-blown bridezilla.

As much as I’m trying to absorb and process all these emotions, it’s a bit sad to say but I don’t really like feeling like this. People have been telling me to enjoy the process. But honestly, I am not really enjoying it. A lot of brides also say that they always miss all the crazy wedding preparations and their wedding day. But what if I don’t really want to miss it? No judgement, but I would think that I am being superficial if I actually miss my wedding. I choose to look forward more to the marriage rather than the wedding, though that doesn’t mean I don’t want my wedding to be a memorable day.

(Okay bye, I’m actually starting to cry now and I’m sitting alone in my favourite cafe. These emotions are crazy omg)