The Timeline

2004: S & H first became schoolmates in secondary school, though we did not know each other personally at that time.

2008: Became classmates in JC.

2009: Officially became a couple and started dating.

February 2010: H enlisted for NS.

August 2010: S started uni.

December 2011: H  ORD-ed!

August 2012: H started uni, while S was already in her third and final year. Schoolmates again yay!

January 2013: First long-distance relationship (LDR). S went on an exchange programme in Toronto, Canada for 5 months.

July 2013: S graduated!

2014: S started working while H is still studying, so S becomes a sugar mummy (and still is).

February 2015: Second LDR. It was H’s turn to embark on his exchange programme at Delft, Netherlands for 6 months.

December 2015: H got his parents to meet S’ parents to propose for her hand in marriage.

January 2016: After 7 years of courtship, S & H got engaged!

February 2016: The wedding date is set and preparations officially started! Major vendor bookings were made.