Membrane sweep or nah?

Hello guys. I am still pregnant hahahah. 39 and a half weeks now, and I am just a few days away to my EDD and it’s been so nerve-wrecking masyaAllah. I’ve been staying home for the past 3 weeks now, ever since Dr C gave me HL. And alhamdulillah, it’s been very productive staying home because just nice my nesting instinct kicked in and I’ve managed to complete many housework and spring cleaning although I took my own sweet time. I am just not satisfied with cleaning the toilets because I’m not supposed to be exposed to strong chemicals/cleaning agents and then my husband cuci toilet dengan I cuci toilet sangat lain..

Logistically, we are more or less ready for the baby’s arrival. Mentally and emotionally, maybe not so much lol. Physically, there are also no signs of labour yet and it’s making us so anxious, including our family members. My dad who is a taxi driver and lives 10 minutes away, has been on standby to take us to the hospital and keeps texting me “baby ok? baby dah nak keluar?” hahahaha.

I have been doing everything I can to try to induce labour naturally, but it seems like this anak is too comfortable staycation-ing in my tummy and enjoying the womb service. I’ve been walking, drinking raspberry leaf tea, stretching and bouncing on the yoga ball. Eating spicy food definitely won’t work because spicy food is a staple for me.

Last week, Dr C also offered to do a membrane sweep during tomorrow’s check up. I’ve been pondering and researching about it and I’m leaning towards not doing it yet because I’m determined to let labour happen naturally. Also, this pregnancy has been going very smoothly alhamdulillah and nothing warrants an early birth or anything. But getting a membrane sweep is better than getting induced with drugs when the pregnancy gets too long, so part of me is sort of considering agreeing to it too. I have less than 24 hours to make a decision, so hopefully I will make the right choice tomorrow.

Please make dua for me..


Anaesthetist Consultation

We had our 3rd appointment at NUH last week and it was quite a hectic one because we had to go to 3 clinics in one afternoon. We met the anaesthetist first because Dr C set up an appointment for us since we kept asking about epidural lol. We brought along my Xrays again to show him my corrected spine and all the implants. The conclusion of that consultation is that epidural is possible, but can be very challenging. This is probably the worst thing I want to hear. Neither here nor there. Padan muka aku. Hahahaha.

And then we head downstairs for the 32-week growth scan. We were excited for this one because we used to be able to see our baby at every appointment at PEH, but ever since we switched to NUH, we haven’t seen him for some time. So it was the last time we would see him until he is born. Dude looks so huge now omgosh. Usually on the monitor, he would look small and the sonographer would have to zoom in. This time, no need to zoom in and we can see all his limbs and organs already! Alhamdulillah, everything is well. Baby is facing head-down already and placenta is all healthy. He was also almost 1.9kg by then!

Lastly, we met Dr C and went through the scan report together. She said we are perfectly on track for a natural vaginal birth alhamdulillah. That announcement hit me right in the heart, like THIS IS IT!!

And then I remembered we still have a lot of things to prepare to welcome our baby’s arrival. Ah crap. Lol. More on baby shopping on the next post!


By now, I’ve been hearing a lot about the importance of monitoring your baby’s movements and to call the hospital ASAP if the baby stops moving or is not moving much. But what if the baby moves A LOT? Is there any cause for concern?

Cos my baby has been moving literally every hour since a few weeks ago and he’s just getting more and more active. I am not diabetic and I don’t have a sweet tooth although I do love to indulge in chocolates and desserts from time to time. His kicks and punches can be so powerful that it feels veryyyyyy uncomfortable and even mildly painful at times. There was one day when he kept kicking on my left side that my body started to feel sore on that spot although there is no visible bruises or anything. I would wince and cringe and hiss out loud when I’m at home. I can’t even control my cringing facial expressions when I’m in the mrt. And I’m pretty sure his kicks are very visible too when I’m in public places. Makes me so self-conscious..

Also, we still can’t decide on a name! It’s quite frustrating because bf has a long name, so we can’t make baby’s name long either. We also didn’t want a Muhammad at first, but now we are open to it. I like Ahmad too but bf doesn’t. And Abdul is a no for me. But now the trend is to just have two regular names without any Ahmad/Muhammad/Nur/Abdul. I think it feels a bit pressurizing to get the correct name because on hindsight, Allah has already chosen a name for him, although it’s actually decided by the parents. So we just need to figure out what was the name that Allah has written for him, through our decisions? Also, this tweet is so apt.

Hello Third Trimester

At 31 weeks now and oh boy, I am starting to feel the 3rd tri woes! Baby was about 1kg at the start of 29 weeks, and the thought of having it’s size tripling in this trimester is just like wow.

Physical Changes

I definitely feel much heavier now, it’s taking a toll on my body. So breathless and been having trouble sleeping well because of the aches and difficulty switching sides and finding a good position. It’s been getting quite bad that I just had to book a prenatal massage session, which made me feel better! I feel like my bump size is massive too, but it always looks smaller when I look at it in the mirror. I keep checking my weight almost every day just to monitor and make sure I don’t put on too much too fast, and I’ve officially reached 60kg! Which is quite shocking because I was initially targetting to only reach 60kg just before I give birth lol. To think I still have 9 weeks to go. Hahahaiss.. Also, the first stretch marks made their appearance on my thighs! This was a demoralising milestone because I have been putting on Clarins every day. I know my body is never going to be the same ever again and stretch marks are one of those things that are inevitable but when it actually happens, it doesn’t stop you from feeling shitty about it anyway. Kinda sucks that I don’t even recognise my body anymore.

Also, I felt something like mild menstrual cramps a few times. Was it Braxton Hicks?? I have no idea but that sensation suddenly hit me with the realisation that I am really at the last stretch of the pregnancy and will be giving birth soon! It actually made me tear a bit. I’m already going to miss all the kicks no matter how strong and uncomfortable they can be. Part of me can’t wait to meet my son, but part of me also wants to keep him inside me for as long as possible to protect him from this dunya, full of evil and negativity.

Hospital Appointments

We had our second appointment with Dr Citra. I also did my OGTT (glucose test for diabetes) and had my whooping cough vaccination that day. They will take some time to get the blood test results and the nurse said no news means good news. They didn’t call me at all, so alhamdulillah for that. Also, Dr C said she willl arrange for us to meet an anaesthetist during the next appointment to discuss my scoliosis condition and the possibility of epidural. I guess the curiousity in me just couldn’t resist the opportunity of finding out what I don’t really want to know too soon. We will also be having the 32-week growth scan and discussing our birth plan at the next appointment. Also, I discovered that the GBS test is actually not compulsory. Didn’t know this because it seems like a lot of mummies took it, so I had the impression that it was a routine test or something. Is it really necessary? Hmm..


I placed my deposit with Sizzling Dyyana yayy! She has already reserved my slots since my 1st tri but she will only accept deposits on the 3rd tri. Been following her ig closely and all the good reviews is making me excited to try her food hehe.

I have just started attending prenatal yoga classes with Nura just for the sake of doing some sort of workout to keep myself fit. Some of the poses could feel quite intense, but overall, it felt really good. I could feel the difference cos I managed to sleep slightly better. Bf recently commented on how amazed he is that I can still solat normally instead of using a chair while heavily pregnant. I guess at this stage, I can really see how similar solat is to yoga. My body is getting more and more inflexible by the day as my bump grows, so forcing myself to do my sujud and rukuk normally is really helpful. I still wash my feet on the sink during wudhu’ too and brag to bf about how this is my form of yoga 5 times a day hahaha. Nura recently launched this birth simulation workshop and I signed up for it with bf. Looking forward to attend it next Sunday.

We also recently started antenatal classes with NUH. Hopefully it’s worth it and covers as much topics as I hope, including breastfeeding. Cos to be honest, the closer we are to the EDD, the more I’ve been feeling unprepared in terms of knowledge on everything about handling a baby.

A few months ago, we did some baby shopping at this place called Baby Expo, which is not really at the expo. Not sure if this is a well-known place, but my cousin intro-ed me to it cos it’s really cheap. Carters rompers were selling at $15 for a set of 5. We also bought a few other essentials like more clothes, a gym playmat, breastpads, bibs, hats, mittens, booties/socks, towel, diaper changing mat etc. The only negative experience we had so far is that the small piano that was supposed to be attached to the gym playmat plays only Chinese songs! I felt so sad, but then we laughed at ourselves for being such a noob first-time parents. So ya, that gym playmat was turned out to be some China brand. Other than that, the other items looked quite ordinary to us. We still have yet to buy a lot of other essential items like baby bath tub, detergent and soaps, diapers, and probably a whole list of other stuff. Which I am planning to get all by next week’s expo baby fair cos this kiasu FTM wants to get her hospital bag packed soon.

Gahhhhh wish me luck.

Thoughts on Labour

I am approaching 3rd trimester in just a matter of days from now. It’s amazing how fast time flies, really. Throughout the whole pregnancy so far, labour has always seem something very far-fetched for me. Like it’s still a long way to go. Or maybe it’s also something that I was quite reluctant to think much about because of how scary the thought is. But since I’m nearing the end of second trimester, I need to confront this fear sooner or later. The fear of the thought of it, not just the fear of the labour itself. Contraction pains are scary, episiotomy is scary, perineal tears are scary, stitches are scary. The whole experience will change me into a different person and the thought of this scares me too.

Everyone wants our birth experiences to be as smooth and as positive as possible. But what does that entail? And what kind of preparations does it require? From our discussions, bf and I agreed to try our best to go as natural as possible, but we are not going to be too obsessed about it. Especially because it is our first time after all and we don’t really know what to expect or how my body will deal with labour and what kind of medical interventions we may need. Basically, we don’t want to be too macam paham.

I don’t consider myself to have a high tolerance for pain, but I think I have high perseverance level lol. I hope to not resort to taking epidural, not just because of the long term side effects, but also because we are not sure if it is possible, given my medical history. (See previous post for deets.) Although we’ve consulted 2 OBs on this, we still don’t have an answer yet and I’m in a dilemma whether I really do want to know the answer or not. It could turn out good or bad either way.

Aside from painkillers, I don’t know yet what kind of attitude I should take on the whole labour process I am about to experience. Should I be bochap, try not to overthink and just take it when it comes, or should I really mentally prepare myself for the big day? Going through labour can be like battling for your life. People can die from childbirth. People have prayed to God to take away their life to stop the pain. And when the angel of death hovers around you, offering you a choice of whether you want to fight on, or let him take your life and go straight to jannah as a martyr, which would you choose? Either way, thinking about this alone is giving me the chills and making me feel so blessed to be among the special ones chosen to go through labour insyaAllah.